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thankyou dr Bowes and alivecor

after a nearly 4 year journey we have got somewhere husband had cardiac arrest stented at time but never felt well was told he had bradycardia still not well one night I did his pulse and knew he was in a/f [I have p/a/f] at a&e it had stopped they told us just because I have a/f no reason for husband to have it so bought alivecor got a reading straight away saw dr Bowes private appointment he was worried enough to send him for a implanted loop recorder within weeks on nhs fitted 12 feb  and on the strength of that he is having pacemaker fitted on the 12 may we no its not a magic cure but hopefully it might make life a little better and at least now we have a consultant that listens to us

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Well done - both for persistence and for buying an Alivecor.  I wish you both well for the future and it is such a relief to find a good consultant.

Best wishes for the 12 May and beyond.


Good news Jesse. Always nice to hear positive stories.


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