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Having been in NSR for nearly two years after cardioversion and ablation... I jumped back into 24/7 arrythmia last week. I charged up my old iPhone 4 with the AliveCor monitor on it to take readings for my cardio dept and it tells me it can't log onto my account. I mail them and they tell me it's no longer supported! Anyone else had this? It seems a little harsh to drop it that's only 4 years old and in perfect working order AND expect us to reinvest.


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Just got mine out of the box and it worked fine. Must be a year or so since I last tried it and this was one of the first trial issues back whenever a long time ago but much more than four years so I don't know what your problem is. Have you the latest kardia software and have you been updating as required?

Paul_M in reply to BobD

It's all up to date and reinstalled. I've been mailing to and fro with AliveCor and they say it's not supported any longer.

CDreamer in reply to Paul_M

Paul - have you replaced the battery in the Kardia? I have to replace Mike quite regularly.

Mine works fine, but I use it with my iPad or IPhone5 - just hold it next to the microphone.

Try opening another account.

yep.. I've put new batteries in. AliveCor simply say they don't support that hardware anylonger.

Could it be that they no longer support the iPhone?

Stinky1953 in reply to Pikaia

Yes. Its the phone that's the problem not the Alivecor.

Paul, I don't know what your current phone is but if you can download the Kardia app on it I can see no reason why it won't pick up your old device without it being stuck onto your current phone.

So long as the device itself has a working battery, just holding it near to your phone should work.


Thanks Pat... I have an iPhone 6 so I'll give it a go

My old Alivecor works with my iPhone 5s and my android tablet.

Two things. I suspect that it is the old iPhone that is no longer supported, rather than the Kardia. Secondly, you don't need an account with AliveCor for the thing to work! Just get the device to record your heart signals and then immediately email them to yourself and organise your own storage. I put mine straight into Dropbox and keep them there so that I can show them on my cheapo tablet.

Apple gave just issued a new update for iphones and seemingly it has stopped supporting 4 and some of the 5 series.

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