Alivecor/Kardia Mobile ECG Monitor?

Hi I have very recently been diagnoised with AF.  I am still waiting for full investigations, but since being diagnoised I have been hospitalised twice in the last 2 weeks (2 nights each time) as I was clammy, chest tighness/heavyness and very breathless during AF episodes. first one lasted 12hrs , 2nd was 26 hrs before subsiding.  I was initially on Bisoprolol & Ramirprill, but these got stopped as Pottasium was high 6.2, and BNP was also high 1029 during the first hospitalised episode. 

I am now on Nebivolol, initially 2.5mg twice a day.  This has been increased since 2nd admission to 5mg twice a day.  I am waiting for a stress echo as there is a question of some degree of heart failure too.  The consultant I have been put under seemed to suggest that I should 'ride it out at home' if I get another episode.   My predicament is my GP has said after 3hrs of AF, if I have chest pain and am clammy and breathless I should get to A&E.  My blood pressure is much lower now, my heart rate is usually 46-52.  

There is a strong family history of heart attacks and strokes around 60 years old (I am 55 year old woman).  I am thinking of investing in one of these devices which I can fix to my iphone to be sure I am in AF and then staying at home.  A&E was not pleasant, took hours to get to coronary unit and if I don't need to be there would be better for all if I stayed at home.  They really need the beds.  

Has anyone else purchased one of these Alivecor/kardia devices (or anything similar) and found them of any use?  I don't want to waste £100 if it's not going to be worth using.

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  • I find it brilliant and definitely wouldn't be without it. 

  • thanks for reply, useful to have 'real' feedback.   

  • They are fine for getting a diagnosis BUT all too easy to become OCD with. Used properly fine but don't start getting obsessed with it as that is really not helpful. I speak form personal experience!

  • That makes sense Bob.  Would hope to only use it if I feel I'm in AF rather than as a daily thing.   I'll try to stay aware of how I'm using it and will discuss with GP and Cardiologist at next appointment..

  • Hi, Bob  I have just come across an alivecor Apple ap on my phone, is this the same thing you are talking about.  Since posting last time my episodes seem to have settled down, but I still get periods of unease when my pulse is fairly ok but heart feels as if it's in my throat banging away.  So something like this would offer some re assurance if it worked. 

  • The App still needs the device.

  • Oh I see 


  • I love mine. It serves as reassurance for me and stops me worrying if anything. 

    One of the best things I've ever bought.


  • thanks Pat, I think thats what I would be hoping for.  Some reassurance.  I think mind is made up and will be ordering one.

  • I bought mine to catch events which had eluded all tests and monitors, except one.  Both my GP and EP find the traces useful and now I use it only to confirm a probable arrhythmia to show my EP.

    Mine is an Alivecor/Kardia and I use it with my iPad - money well spent for me.

  • Does the new kardia take 24 hour recordings or is it the same as the alive core

  • Don't know about Kardia as I've not upgraded yet . . . waiting for any feedback good or bad before I do.

  • Thank you. I think I will Email them to see what it does

  • Both the AliveCor and the upcoming Kardia Band (housed in an Apple Watch band) are for spot readings of 30-60 seconds.  

  • Thank you for the info. I don't know if there is anything out there that will do continuous monitoring.

  • Ive posted on my thread. I'm just getting a reading of unclassified. No idea what it means I'm doing wrong. Help appreciated.

  • Thanks it's good to know it's a useful product.  Think I will be purchasing one.

  • I bought mine to catch events but haven't managed one yet as my drugs seem to be working well. But I have had a few occasions when I've felt something was not right, so took an ECG and found out it wasn't my ticker, which was reassuring and saved me a lot of wasted time and worry. So it can be used either way round, not just to catch AF but to confirm it isn't AF. I don't use it very often, but good to have it around if and when. 


  • Thanks Koll.  I imagine it's as good to confirm it isn't as much as it is AF.  Hopefully mine won't get used very much at all once I buy one.

  • Just to say I agree with all the above.  I have an Alivecor and find it really useful  and reassuring  - as somebody else said its one of the best things I have bought - just try not to obsess over it! 

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I think I am going to purchase one  

  • I don't think you will regret it, when it arrives you may be surprised at how small it is, I was! But it works very well, I use it with my iPad and as has been said before, try not to get too obsessive but use it sensibly. My family love it too and now have all had home made ecg. I am currently doing a short Futurelearn free online course on ECG reading. It only started this week so still time to join. 

  • Thank you, I'm hoping it will be a useful tool for me.  I will have a look at the Futurelearn course, it would be good to feel I have a basic understanding of what the ECG is showing.

  • I have and it is a great stress reliever . Very easy to use , you can save multiple recordings and email them to anyone and they can see the full ECG recording . I am fortunate my husband is a physician and he interprets mine . I now am at the point I can as well . It was not that expensive about $150.00 US. Best money I have ever spent . Buy one for your piece of mind  

  • Thank you, Peace of mind is what I am after, so it's ordered and look forward to receiving it in a few days.  

  • I have one which gives an accurate reading.  I didn't have to stick it to my phone as just holding it close does the trick.  I also have an app on my phone called Cardio which gives me similar readings and obviously cheaper.  Peace of mind is good - proof for the docs with a readout is better still.  I do agree with Bob though, it's easy to get OCD, so I don't do readings at all unless I know something is going on. 

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