It's done!

Had my ablation yesterday afternoon at Liverpool Chest and Heart Hospital under sedation. It took about 2.5 hours and Dr Todd said he was very pleased and it went really well. So back home today, chest and groin a bit sore and earlier on had an aura migraine which would have freaked me out if I hadn't read about it on here as I wasn't warned this could happen. So just another reason to be thankful for this wonderful forum! Everyone at Liverpool hospital was absolutely wonderful and I can't speak too highly of them, we're very lucky to have such amazing people looking after us. 


PS Jennydog - you were right, the toast was very welcome!

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  • So glad it went well.  Yes, how lucky we are to have the facilities that are on offer.  Do hope you have a trouble free recovery.  All the best!

  • Thank you Rellim!

  • Yayyyy!!! I am having a glass of wine to celebrate!!!! X

  • Wish I was too Vony!x

  • Cyber )))))))))hug(((((((((  from me.   Easy does it for the next couple of weeks.


  • Thank you Phyllis!x

  • Fantastic news!!   Recover gently now!

  • Thank you!x

  • Great news, have a restful and restorative recovery.

  • Fantastic. Now nothing for 2 weeks except to remote, phone and tablet (no PCs I was told). 

  • Well done. Its done and dusted....hurray! Hope you can rest up now. X

  • Happy all went well for you

  • It is a fabulous hospital with such carefully selected  dedicated motivated people. We are so lucky to have this centre of excellence near to hand.

    I can say this from my experience nine moths after a single bypass and replacement aortic valve.

  • Well done Jayd so happy for you and hope your recovery continues....I follow you to liverpool on the 24 I nervous....of course, but success like yours is always encouraging. Well done. Cheers Roy 

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    Roy, I'll be thinking about you. There's no point in telling you not to be nervous, of course you will be, it's only natural. But, it'll be done and you'll be back home before you know it and enjoying NSR. Please pm me if you would like to know a bit more about the procedure.

  • Glad you are feeling so upbeat. I agree with your sentiments and found Dr Todd to be a lovely man. Take care. X Lynn

  • Brill news so glad it went well. I had the migraine in the evening of the ablation but like you I knew it was a possible side effect so wasn't worried. 

  • Jean, I'm glad that all went well. Now you need to rest for weeks, if not months.

    Re the toast for supper and for breakfast at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. I thought that it was excellent. Would you believe that toast is not allowed at hospitals in North Wales? According to Health & Safety it's too dangerous.

    Very best wishes.

  • That is so funny, Health & Safety gone mad! Yes I'm going to take it nice and easy for a while, chest and groin feeling sore and I've got a rather impressive bruise too!

    Thank you again for all your sound advice, it was very much appreciated as it takes away some of the fear of the unknown. That's not to say I wasn't worried, I was petrified! Am so glad I had it done though and it's all behind me (hopefully!).

    Best wishes to you.xx

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