Sod's law is done

Thanks to all you lovely people, for all your remarks and comments. I had my ablation at Coventry Hospital yesterday, all went well in the 3 1/2 hour session. They found all the problems apparently and zapped them.

I wouldn't say it was a pleasant day, but everyone was so caring and the procedure went off with lots of encouragement. When I had too much discomfort to stand, they very soon hit the morphine button and I was out for the count. Also I was surprised how easy it was having the incision into the top of the leg, they did both legs and very little was felt at all. I have to say, it was a lot less stressful than having a large filling done at the dentist. Truly...

Recovery is now underway. I am finding it uncomfortable to take a deep breath in, and I am very tired. Legs are fine and the brain seems to be coping. I'm hoping the tight chest will clear soon and then I can get back to living again. It's my eldest sons wedding on 9th so looking forward to that.

Once again, thanks for all your wonderful support here, us AFibbers seem to be really nice people :)

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  • Haven't I always said that ablation is easier the root canal treatment. Only those who have been there know how right I am. Well done. Now rest, LOTS!!!!

  • Thanks Bob, I'm feeling pretty good at the mo.. Fingers crossed it continues

  • So pleased for you Lindabob! It's such a relief when it's done and dusted isn't? Make sure you get lots of rest now, take care.xx

  • I'm being waited on hand and foot by hubby and youngest offspring who has come from The Nederlands for a visit. Thanks 😊

  • Is that Sept 9th? If so give the dancing a miss!!!!! Well done, good luck.

  • Pleased to hear that all went ok. Hope you soon pick up a bit, but please like others have said make sure you get plenty of rest and try not to do too much.


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