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Hi I live in Essex and follow a few people who live in the vacinity.  I wondered whether anyone would be interested in meeting up location time and date to be organised. I purpose firstly to get some idea from this post whether this would be something Essex people would like to do. Secondly I envisage it would be meeting in a pub where people can either choose to eat or just have a coffee. I am sure all the other details can be agreed. Just a thought really something about meeting up with others who have af in their life and finding out about them appeals to me. I have spoken to Bob and he said go for here we are. Regards Chris

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  • Chris, I am up for it. I have never spoken directly to anyone with AF and I welcome the opportunity to do so. Count me in!!


  • Chris, I live in Maplin Way. If you are selling it is in Thorpe Bay but if you are buying it is Shoeburyness!!! My home number is 582336 if you would like to make contact.


  • I think it would be a great idea. I haven't come across a support group where i live. I live in Southend on Sea.


  • Hi Pam another person from Thorpe bay has replied so that's three of us at the moment. I think it would be a good idea. I believe it would be great to speak to other people who have af it can be quite isolating. I will get back to you I am in Hadleigh. Regards Chris 

  • Hi Chris, we are all local :-) , will look forward to hearing from you.

    Regards Pam

  • I would be interested, but when I have asked about starting a support group I have been told we need to have a medical lead nurse/doctor etc then Arrythmia alliance will help promote the meetings 

  • I already belong to the Essex Heartbeat Group run by Jenny Turner. I envisage  Dee,  just meeting up to chat not to advise anyone but to meet with other people with af. I think it would nice to get together in a pub so people can chat. Regards Chris 

  • Chris a social group does not need any formal authority. Just turn up and enjoy your company. We already have a few running and a lot easier than a formal support group.  Just ensure that people understand it is purely social event.

  • Thanks Bob made it clear meet up in a pub so no experts coming etc. There seems to be about 5 people so far that would be nice. I just hope it would be good to meet up. Regards Chris

  • I have four possible dates for mine and five people who can all make different days. DOH!

  • That's the tricky part but hopefully we can find something that suits the majority. Have you found any particular days more suitable than others Bob.  

  • We usually make it Thursday for some forgotten reason.

  • Thanks for invite i might come along im in corringham? Where was we thinking, we would all be a right lot with our dodgy hearts, lol.Also ive been af free since november, still taking tablets for it though not sure id count anymore, still have bad days sometimes with heart though when im stressed lol

  • Steve it would be good if you wanted to come along. I think we have about five or six folk that would come so I will get some dates and post them . Be good to meet up. Regards Chris 

  • I know we've all be through a lot and some still going through it,  yes i think it might good, let me know more when you sort something then Chris ;-)

  • I would be interested, but live in North Essex, however I'm quite prepared to drive

  • Mama we will try to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.  Regards Chris

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