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Just a quick word of thanks to Rosemary and Jane for organising the first Surrey Support Group meeting held yesterday at Epsom. There was a fantastic turnout of "kindred spirits" to hear Dr Richard Bogle's presentation about dealing with Atrial Fibrillation. It was also good to hear people sharing their experiences which I also found very helpful. Looking forward to the next one in September!

Many thanks, John

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Yes - it really brought home the diversity of symptoms and experiences. Also, Dr Bogle was very honest about how effective (or not) the various treatments are. I think the one line take away from the meeting was "get to know your cardiologist - it's going to be a long term relationship".


it was really good to see you Chris-I hope you can make the September meeting- I found everyone's stories very interesting but was annoyed to hear the lady next to me had been put on asprin- she's already had two TIAs.

She had spoken to me in the afternoon and I had urged her to come to the meeting as knew Dr Bogle would suggest she asks for anti coagulation

I was pleased it was such a good presentation- he covered everything

He is going to ask the chair of South East Coast NHS England AF working grop we are on to talk soon and also another doctor who does ablation ( we've already arranged one from the Brompton for September,

Hope to see to again soon,

best wishes,



So pleased to hear that your initial meeting went so well, Rosy. Well done for taking the initiative and organising it!


Honesty, balanced and clear was the best bits I picked up in my experience, quite rare I suspect.


Hi John,

It was great to see you yesterday- we were very really pleased so many people came and some from this forum travelled a really long way so we were pleased the talk and presentation was so comprehensive.

Looking forward to seeing you in September and thank you for all your help- much appreciated,

best wishes



Hear Hear!


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