Reminder Support Group

Support Group Meeting tomorrow

The Concert Hall Opposite Harefield Hospital

Hill End Road



There will be 3 EPs there to answer questions, talk generally about ablations, and also some bloke talking about his AF Journey (Me :) )

Please come along

For more information please email or call 01789 867 533.

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  • I am sorry I can't make it but have asked to be included in any future Support Group meetings. Please could you report back on how it went?

  • Yes of course, full report on Thursday


  • Errrr Ian, please can you arrange to go on last so that I can leave early....ta.....😳

  • I can't be there tomorrow but would like to attend future meetings as I'm in the area.

  • I would have loved to go to that but will be working unfortunately.


  • Really sad I can't make it tomorrow - sounds really helpful (and interesting!). Looking forward to hearing about it - and I'd like to come to anything similar that's arranged. Thank you!

  • Hi all

    I can I think confirm that the next meeting will be the 5th April, further details and a full agenda will be posted here

    Be well


  • I'm hoping to be there...

  • Is the Concert Hall in the hospital grounds? Just had a drive around Harefield and could'nt find it!

  • Great question, not been there but have just rung to find out.

    It's OPPOSITE the main entrance inside the grounds, so opposite the double doors main entrance to the hospital is the staff/public cafeteria, that has an entrance on the left as you look at it. The Concert Hall is on the first floor, and has an entrance on the right as you look at it.


  • Many thanks, hopefully be able to park!

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