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New Patient support group in Surrey! All welcome!

If you live in Surrey, you may like to come to our monthly Arrhythmia Support group-

The first meeting is on 16th July at 5pm, Epsom Old Town Hall.

A local Cardiologist is providing Clinical Leadership and they'll be a series of talks on variety of subjects- may be debates on subjects such as ablation, warfarin v NOACs etc! Also time for tea and mutual support.

Please see website Surreyasg.co.uk for more details

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Hi Rosy -- I hope your support group is better than the one in Worthing started earlier in the year. They were only interested in ICD patients , so big disa ppointment. Sandra


There isn't a support group in Milton Keynes either, except for one for ICD people too.


More power to your elbow Rosy. my West Country Cell group is merely social but good fun anyway.



I think this is excellent Rosy, more power to all who have founded it we need more of them.

Like Bob's group my Nosh and Natter is merely social and I applaud this sort of group.



Yatsura- we're mainly for arrhythmia patients but will, of course, include any cardiac patients as they can have tea with us and ask questions of the clinicians as they see fit- we know it might take time for the group to grow but the local voluntary co-ordinator is sending info out to members and the hospital will give details to patients!! We'll either get no-one or too many to fit into the room available!!

Bob and Ian- we got the idea for this because this forum has been, as you know, so very helpful to us all- also meeting with Ian's group in london and on the AF day in November has been great,

Any new AF patients will be immediately directed to this site- hope you don't suddenly get a lot of extra questions to answer or we won't be too popular!!!!


So pleased to learn of this group. I have been searching and was preparing myself for a trip to Brighton, which has one. I think Epsom may be easier for me to get to and the parking has got to be easier!


that's great Peddling- do ring me ( details on website) and I'll let you know more about it.

We're hoping to have some really good talks- the cardiologist is very keen!! His arrrhythmia nurses are going to help too.


Great idea, it's in my diary.


Hi Orchard worker- Grat !! does this mean you are near enough to join us?- Do click on the link for our website Surreyasg.co.uk and e mail your details and I'll let you know more about it!!


What a lovely idea!!! Anyone know how to set one up in York/Leeds area??


Hi Frenchgoose

It's early days for us if you would like details of the practicalities so far, just e mail us info@surreyasg.co.uk and I'll let you know what we have do so far!!


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