Cardio Version

Cardio Version

Hi All,

Had my 1st cardio version yesterday.My ecg and heart Rythm patterns were really good with my pulse sitting around 73.After I got home initially my heart rate was again a constant 73 with a nice pattern then after an hour laying down I felt my heart sort of skip a beat and started to feel irregular.i checked the pattern and rate and was all over the place from 75-115.Felt rubbish all night and today my heart rate has been anything from 40-100 but is now currently between 60-75 sometimes the pattern is good and other times I check its all over the place.Im guessing that this it not normal and it failed an hour after.depressed can anyone shed any light please.

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  • Yep, it sounds like you reverted to AF. Unfortunately this is quite common unless the cause for the AF (e.g. a chest infection or uncontrolled blood pressure) has been sorted out. If there was no obvious cause then the chances of staying in normal (sinus) rhythm after cardioversion can be doubled if you take antiarrhythmic medication (e.g.flecainide) for a month or so.

    So it's well worthwhile going back and having another cardioversion and asking for some drug treatment to follow it. If you are fine while taking the meds but the AF comes back when you stop there is no harm in having a third cardioversion and then staying on the drugs long-term, provided they are not having bad side effects.

  • Hi Jonathon,

    Thanks for your reply yes it does seem that I'm back in AF unfortunately.I will call my cardio dr on Monday and try and get an appointment ASAP.I was told by a lady in the waiting room that this was not in common and she had 2 and was in for a 3rd.Im more than happy to have another 1 or 2 and hopefully it will stay in normal Rythm thsnks for your time will keep posting.

  • Hi Danny ,Its the lady in the waiting room here,Thats such a shame you reverted so quickly,but they did zap you a few times to revert you . I would ask to be referred to an EP who deals with rhythm problems ,I think you would be a prime candidate for an ablation being so young! Looked at your rental . WOW amazing .Good luck and keep us informed of your AF journey .I am still in SR fingers crossed see my EP on Tuesday. from Jill x

  • Causes of AF.....a chest infection or uncontrolled high blood pressure. Sorry to highjack this thread but pennies are dropping all over the place in my head. You've just answered the question I asked the hospital over a year ago.

    Thank you JonathanPittsCrick...

  • Hi There,

    That's kind of how I ended up in hospital.Had a chest infection quite bad and then I found out more about the AF I've been suffering with over the past 2 years..glad this thread helped you with some questions you had.Was enjoying looking at a normal heart pattern on my iPhone however that was short lived.thanks for all

    Posts.If I can help further feel free to send me a message davesgirl.

  • Appologies davesgirl I miss read your message was confused that I had said something that might have helped answer some questions you had.considering I know very little about AF glad that Jonathon knowledge helped you !

  • That's ok Danny. I've done that myself then had to quickly edit. I should apologise to you, i was the one that hi-jacked the thread. Sorry about that. But then we all learn so much just by reading the experiences of others.

  • I'm dyslexic too so I should have known to have read it a few times.story of my life think my AF has affected my eye sight

  • Yes that's interesting,I was diagnosed in Tenerife with Septicemia,after being admitted in AF in the hundreds !

    Previously, apart from Rhuematoid Arthritis well!(on holiday in fact) my first Electroconversion failed,now waiting / discussing a second one.

  • Hi,

    It's weird as after my 1st cardio version my pulse was stable then the same night of cardio version,I had weird jumpy heart rate.was a bit weird yesterday but settled In the afternoon all night was good and today steady 70 with nice up down gentle pattern.just hoping I don't pop back into AF again ATM.but it's strange how it felt like it had gone back into AF and now I feel ok and it's perfect?

  • Don't worry at all that you have gone back into AF. That is a frequent occurrence. There are three key things that are very important for your ongoing treated. Firstly that they were able to convert you to sinus rhythm. Secondly that you lasted hours rather than minutes. Thirdly (I am guessing this from your description) that you felt better in sinus rthythm.

    Don't be suprised at all if they do NOT give you a further cardioversion using rthythm drugs such as flecanide or amioderone. For many they don't do this because they assess that it is unlikely to work (ie stay in NSR) on a longer term basis and therefore they don't give the medicines because of longer term basis affects and possibly reduced effective they do an ablation. The reason is that they underlying cause has not been treated / eliminated. This is particularly true for those in persistent AF.

    I was in persistent AF and on flecanide, Bisoprolol and Apixaban. I had a cardioversion but went back into persistent AF 26 or 27 hours later. Saw EP 10 days later and he took me off flecanide. Then went on ablation list.

  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your reply.thats really good to know I did feel better in sinus Rythm but I literally felt it change whilst laying in the bed couple of hours after cardio version.just makes me worry that it didn't stay for very long.but as you say there is some good in that I did return to normal Rythm even though it was for a small amount of time.thanks again for your help.will know a bit more next week hopefully and they can medicate to get back under control.i did notice stopping digoxin a few days before didn't make me feel that great before the cardio version but felt fine on the morning of the cardio.

  • Danny.

    Don't worry if they don't give you meds to control rthythm. When I went back into persistent AF 26 hours or so after my cardioversion my EP took me OFF flecainide as he said there was no point taking a medicine that was having little or no effect on rthythm and he was just going to concentrate on rate control (Bisoprolol and 7 months later adding digoxin).

  • Thanks peterh good to know.i do find strangely that frozen raspberries seem to make me feel better in general !

  • The twice that I went back from NSR to persistent AF (once after cardioversion Nov 14 and after ablation Apr 15) I felt it go, no question. First time standing up answering front door the second time sitting on the sofa. Waiting second ablation.

  • At least it lasted for a little while so you have the comfort knowing it can work work - sort of . My first dc cardio version got me down to a fairly steady rate at about 50 and straight of the bisoprolol . The joy of it lasted about ten days or so and had another within a fortnight of the first .

    I spent time worrying about what I did wrong and what the trigger might be and got really down over it.

    The second has lasted since late October, get a lot ectopic beats though and learning to get thorough the difficult fluttery moments . (if forced tom will admit to an anxious feeling now and again)

    Back on the smallest dose of beta blockers though , So heres hoping a second will work for you too- good luck


  • Fingers crossed constabule.would be nice to be in s normal Rythm for a change.quite a confusing business AF !

  • Will let everyone know what the specialists say next week.

  • Good Morning everyone,

    Just a quick update my heart rate was very steady last night around 70-80 bpm with a nice pattern and I actually felt well.Thus morning it's around 50-60 seems that my heart rate has stabilised.the sun is shining and the birds are singing so maybe a nice day on the weather front for a change !

  • Pleased for you Danny ,long may it last.

  • Hehe hi ivy Lou and thanks peterwh it seems ok ATM be interesting to see what the eve says in the 18th I feel it's a bit weird my heart rate at night but when I check my pulse it's good but doesn't always feel good.hope I stay in normal Rythm now.hows you ivy Lou did yours stay in to go clean holiday let this morning yuck lol !!!

  • Ecg

  • Hi Danny ,this is the longest I have stayed in rhythm after a cardioversion , You may be in Atrial Flutter then your pulse can be regular and feel normal but ECG will tell you .Do you feel better? sometimes you can become obsessed with taking your pulse and anxiety I personally feel can make things worse but difficult not to get stressed and anxious about it when it makes you feel so bad.I have to see my EP on Tuesday so fingers crossed I stay in Sinus Rhythm.Keep me informed of your progress .Should be a pleasure to clean that beautiful house lol xx

  • I did feel ok quite well until a bottle of champagne last night.just hungover I guess today so heart rate bit erratic.shoild feel alright later and had busy day you ok how ya feeling !!

  • Hello Danny are you on Facebook? or you have an E mail address? can private message you


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