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Hi. I'm new here

I've been diagnosed with AF

Probably had it sometime. Just thought the shortness of breath was unfit and over weight

I'm in AF all the time also high blood pressure controlled I'm 54

Going in for cardio version on Tuesday I'm scared incase it makes it worse what's it like ?

Also I have piles that seem to bleed more often and more blood. Is this likely to be apixaban


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  • Cardioversion (DCCV) is a way of shocking the heart to put it back into normal synus rhythm (NSR). It takes only a few minutes. You will be taken to the anteroom of an operating theatre and give a shot of fairy juice to send you to sleep and then they shock you. Five minutes tops usually. It either works or it doesn't but unlikely to make anything worse although they do have to tell you of all the possible risks so your relatives can't sue them.

    Anticoagulants can make bleeding last longer yes so best to sort that problem out asap.

  • Thank you for reply 👍

  • I also have shortness of breath problems but don't seem to worry the doctors too much either. Starting to get confusion problems too. After being in hospital for most of last week my medications are being looked into. Hopefully putting me to rights. Dave

  • Hope you feel better soon

  • Like many here I've been electrically converted and it is a completely painless procedure. I was in fast AF at the time. They gave me a squirt of the fairy juice and I don't remember anything, just the joy of waking up in NSR. Don't worry.

  • Thank you 👍

  • Just to add to what others have said, the procedure is fast and painless. No guarantees how long you will be in normal sinus rhythm, but definitely worthwhile.

  • Thank you for reply 👍

  • Had my first on the 28th January. I can honestly say I was scared pantless about it all.

    No need to be, 20 minutes from being pushed down for the procedure to being back on the ward. 2 hours later I was on my way home.

    Had a sore shoulder and a bit of a burn front and back where they had zapped me.

    I'm still in NSR, but I have been over medicated on bisoprolol which was making me feel dreadful.

    Meds sorted now and feeling great.

    Still feel some ectopic beats but less every day.

    Good luck with yours, I hope they kick you in to SR

  • Cheers thanks for reply

  • The key thing is that they were able to get you back into sinus rthythm. Even if it only lasts a short time they know you are potential patient for an ablation. There may be other things that rule it out though.

  • Thanks for reply

  • Hi Paul,

    Take a look at a video on the British Heart Foundation site - it shows some chap having a CV. I think its also on Youtube too. You have me wondering how come you've managed to get one but I have been refused (I'm also in permanent AF). Anyway we're all different as is the AF we all suffer from. I hope it is successful.


  • Cheers Gary

    Sorry you can't get one have you pushed for it ?

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