cardio version succsessful

Hi every one thankyou fou you kind words of encouragement ,CV went well and is sucsessful only off the ward for 17 minutes .would recommend. My heart is now ticking away nicely pulse 64 ,I was able to share a lot with other ladies that i have learnt from all of you and suggested they visit the site ,have a great week end I will love poppeystorey

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  • HI Poppy. I am due to have a cardio version in the next few weeks. Go for my pre assessment on Tuesday. I am glad yours was successful. I hope I have the same outcome. Val

  • good luck Val thanks for your reply .poppeystorey

  • Hi Poppy - So pleased to learn your c.v. was successful.

    Stay well & happy. x

  • Thanks Langara ,feel quite well today seems strange not being out of breath ,Thanks for your reply .poppeystorey

  • Great Poppy delighted for you, good news


  • Thanks beencounter it was good being able to assure the other ladies not to worry I told them I talk to loads that have had it done ,I felt quite proud that I was so brave ,Thanks for your good advice over the last few weeks .poppeystorey

  • Excellent news


  • Thanks Marion have a good day Poppeystorey

  • Hi Poppy - So pleased to hear your good news.


  • Yes Im so pleased just praying now it continues to tick away nicely and behave itself, stress is now forbidden ,have a good day ,Poppeystorey

  • So pleased to hear it went well. Do rest for a couple of days .

    You were fortunate to meet people with the same condition, I've only been able to talk to people who understand on this AFA site. My husband and children are very caring and loving but you can't burden them with all the worries plus you can't know what it's like unless you've got it or had it. My cardioversion was good too. Keep well and take it easy, Terjo

  • Terjo I fully agree with you ,I think its because its one of those illnesses that cant be seen therefore it cant be serious ,my husband came on a couple of consultations that helped him to get a better picture of what was going on ,do stay well ,Im always available to chat to you ,do have a good day Poppeystorey

  • Thank you get well soon. Terjo

  • Excellent news Poppy. Well done!

  • Thank you for your reply ,have a good day poppystorey

  • So glad to hear your good news poppystory,kee, up the good work,x

  • keep i mean lol !!

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