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Failed cardio version

Hi this is my first post.

After 3 months constant AF I had my 1st cardio version last Thursday, 2 days later it failed, my heart went really fast for about 5 mins and then sttled into an irregular heart beat ranging 90-105 and has remained so.

I take apixaban, bisoprolol 10mg, amlodopine 5mg, lisinopril 20mg, Atorvastatin 20mg.

Should I have informed cardio unit / doctor that it has failed ? Or went to A&E ? I feel not too bad if a little tired . Should I just wait for next appointment ?

Does anyone else just take the tablets and learn to live with the AF ?

Ps I'm 50

Thank you, Tracey

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Too much negative vibes there Tracy. The cardioversion worked by putting you back into normal sinus rhythm, it just didn't last more than two days. Some people go back into AF in minutes or hours so this is actually good news. It means that your heart can sustain NSR so a different kind of treatment such as ablation may work.

The only reason to go to A and E is if you are fainting or have chest pain as AF is neither an accident nor an emergency.just a pain in the ----. Depending on when your next appointment is I would maybe drop a note to your specialist /consultant and let him/her know and also go to your GP and get an ECG done (ask for and keep a copy) so that you have some evidence of what is going on.

Remember that ALL treatment for AF is only about improving quality of life so if you are not feeling too bad you are one of the lucky ones. Listen to your body and pace yourself and you will be fine.

Rear as much as you can about AF from AFAssociation main website .


Welcome tongue club Tracey! I've had 9 cardioversion that have given me NSR from anywhere between a week and 4 months. Two ablations haven't helped for more than about 8 months though.

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Tracy, know the boat you're in! If I were you, I would let my electrophysiologist know; they might want to see you earlier than your next appt. to adjust meds or try something different! My story is very similar and keeping in touch with Dr has helped me stay sane! Give them a call, and good luck!

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Thank you for your comments and advice, sorry for the negativity, that is definitely not me but at the minute I feel doomed, will go and see dr again

Best wishes, Tracey


We know that feeling of being doomed and it's wonderfully good when it goes away.

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I would contact your EP through his secretary , Like the above comments, they may bring any appointments forward and get you on the list for an ablation if they think it is suitable .


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