cardio version ,should I worry ?

Good morning ,Do hope I am not over re acting ,having had my cardio version on the 14th September I have felt wonderful until the last three days ,I am tired out and my heart feels like a jelly ,I have rang my doctor and cant get in till Friday ,I am still on bisoprolol and warfarin my pulse today is 90 should I worry ? Thank you poppy storey

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  • Hi Poppy - I don't think your pulse of 90 is anything to worry about, but if you have been feeling well after your cardioversion and now don't, then I'm wondering whether your heart could have reverted to AF. If you really don't feel well then you should ring your doctors surgery and ask to see a doctor ASAP regarding a heart concern (that usually makes the receptionists more attentive). There will be some patients at the surgery with sore throats and minor ailments. You finding out what your heart is doing is far more important.


  • Thanks so much for a reassuring reply,I am going to go to a &e .take care Poppey Storey

  • I have been told by my cardiologist as long as it is below 100 not to over worry. If its bouncing around your chest get in touch but try not to panic.

    Be Well

  • I have AF for a number of years now. CV works if the heart is caught in time, ie just after it goes out of sync. I am also an Electrical Engineer so I would know a bit about this subject. After many discussions with EP`s in the NHS they have agreed with me the once AF is established CV does not work and indeed according to a Professor in Portugal where I now live, carrying out CV on a patient with established AF, not only does not work but puts a patient at risk. James H.

  • Contitonued reply;

    One specialist in a London hospital said, I can`t understand why we continue to carry out CV, it dose not work and it`s a waste of money. James H.

  • Thank you James this is what I have been thinking ,I am not happy about continuing procedures over and over again .Take care PoppyStorey ,I have seen first hand what continued use of anaesthetic can do

  • James's posts are very interesting. My cardiologist had done 6 cvs prior to seeing me at 2 pm. This cv thing is on a par with giving aspirin to af sufferers.

    I am to have an ablation and am very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to recount their experiences. It's really helpful and calming.

  • The morning that I had my CV,there were 17 of us all waiting for INR results 2 were sent back home one lady had already had 4 done and after 4 shocks on that morning it failed,poor soul was so distraught she didn't no what to do Take care ,PoppyStorey .

  • Ablation? Well here goes. I was to have an ablation in London just over a year back. I went for my pre appointment to the specialist nurse who proceeded to ask how much I knew about ablation. I told here in detail what I had researched to she opened and produced a booklet asking if I had read this one. Her advice to me was not to have it done unless it was a last resort, a very last resort. The chances of getting off the table are very low although she did say that no one had died from it there, however would dictate that they were about to on the laws of average. I didn't go ahead with it and on my next visit to the cardiologist he asked why in a very prim and proper fashion. When I told him about the odds not being in my favour he said "your bloody right, I wouldn't have it done" this is the guy that was personally doing the job on me. On my next visit to him he appearance was that of someone that had just come from an all night party. He looked as rough as a rats ass, we discussed changing my medication and my casual comment to him was "fine so long as your PI is in place" his reply was that our relationship would end if I made another comment like that. Therefore my reading of the situation was that he had lost some poor bugger. Word for word the total above statement is 100 % true and correct. James

  • You are nearly right in your comparison, but it's not even as good as that and certainly more risky. J.

  • I have never been offered a cv and I wouldn't want one now I've read this. I am getting more and more depressed about the poor understanding of a/f. I think that I've been a stroke risk for the last 5 years as I've only been on warfarin for a month. I think my low blood pressure confuses them!

  • Ive had 16 CV,S over 13 yrs and they have lasted 1-2yrs max believe you me that's great when your heart beating like a train and I have SVT'S THAT TAKES MY Rate up to 256bpm so anything is a relieve!! I also have very low blood pressure, which seems to be the norm with AF!

  • oh my goodness ,i guess Im worrying about nothing Poppy Storey

  • I absolutely agree with you here -- I have had ( only ) 10 CV's & 3 ablations over 20 years' one of the CV's lasting over 4 years & like you had heart rates in excess of 250 bpm at times. The relief from having a Cv was something else. How anyone can say they are a waste of time beats me !! It is rather a flippant remark. When all other meds fail they are the only immediate option . I had adelay of 3 weeks at one stage & went into heart failure which was pretty frightening -- I felt at deaths door.

  • Sir what they said was a waste of time and money, this was in a North London Hospital that I shall not name for legal reasons . In addition a Professor of Cardiology in another EU country said don't let them do it, it don't work and is putting you at risk. My reason for the finer details in this subject is that it is my life and I'm also Doctor of Electrical Engineering. J

  • Yes like you Yatsura you have to be at deaths door and CV'S are your only hope. My consultant said at least they work for me and you.Christine

  • Furthmore if ablation is carried out 100% correctly, the burns caused will heal themselves because the body is such a wonderful piece of work and the patient will be back to the starting line in due course. James

  • Hi James - I stand by my opinion on DCCV's , based on my considerable personal experience. However I would agree with your remarks re ablation as of course this is the problem - the scars often heal themselves eventually. I am 5 months post my 3rd ablation & AF has already reared its head again. I am due to see my EP in 3 weeks & so wait to see if there are any more episodes in the mean time.

    I am now off to Somerset to our favourite gastro pub for the weekend !


  • James I guess it is a free country and you are entitled to your opinions but it really doesn't help to frighten people who are already stressed out by AF. In the 9 years I have been involved with the subject as a patient and campaigner I know of nobody who has died from either DCCV or ablation but personally know of tens who have had strokes as a result of the condition and not being anti-coagulated so I know which battle I prefer to fight.

    DCCV (as opposed to sticking your fingers in a light socket) has a place in the treatment of many cardiac arrhythmias but it is worth agreeing that if not successful the first time then repeating it is rather pointless. I had three over time but not for AF itself rather to correct other arrhythmias which had occurred. I often wonder it my problems may have been exacerbated by the number of times I had 20kv up my arm from high powered race engines I have worked on but never mind eh.

    Regarding ablation it is a fact that there is a 50% chance of AF returning within five years of a successful procedure but as one who has now passed that marker I can say that every waking day has been worth the (very small) risk.

    As I said, balanced comment yes, scaremongering no thankyou.

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