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Been having symptoms for a while and now realise that I have SVT and

dizziness, which is lasting for prolonged periods. I have an appointment

for 2nd February but felt so ill this morning I was going to ring and try

and bring it forward. Im resting now so feeling much better but still

unable to walk around. It was quite scary and the worst episode I have had

yet, it started suddenly during the night. I was wondering what is the


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Hi Shirlygirly, sorry to hear how you are feeling. It can be a scary thing to have at times! Have you been diagnosed with SVT or seen a cardiologist about this before or will this be your first appointment?


Hi, Thank you for your reply, I had AF for the last 5 years and over

the last 18 months have had 3 ablations. Breathlessness has been

always been a feature, but it seems to have gone and now over

the last 3 months I have started with what I now realise is SVT. I have had spells of dizziness on and off for quite a while, and its

quite bad during the SVT episodes.



Hi Shirley. That sounds awful, you've definitley been through it! I was diagnosed with SVT and since then had two failed ablations and am on 6 tablets a day between two different medications, they don't seem to make any difference at all really. Sorry I can't be of more help, hopefully someone else on the forum can offer you more of an insight. I wish you all the best and keep us updated of how you get on with any future appointments x


At least Im AF free which Im thankful for, although this is just as

debilitating. Feel sorry that treatment is not doing a lot to help you.


Hi Shirley, have you seen a GP or been to A & E? How do you know it is SVT? I would want to be seen now if I felt that ill!

I was prescribed Diltiazem for Atrial Tachycardia because I can't take beta blockers.


Shirlygirl. Can't you get an ECG done at your GP's?


Hi! Shirley,

I'm joining the band above. SVT put me in hospital twice as you know. That was on the combined advice of the Paramedic and the ambulance that attended. They sorted me at the LGI and then sent me home. Give us a buzz. Left a message on your 'phone. Dave.


Thank you so much for the advice, and I had a very good reason for not

seeking medical advice on this occasion. Im taking it easy and feeling

a bit better. Thanks.



Hi I had svt and it was misdiagnosed for years as panic attacks. I blacked out wig mine. Anyway I had an ablation in September 2015 for it and none since. I did however receive a second ablation in November 2015 fit vts and am currently 10 weeks post ablation. I've been left with ectopics and bad anxiety. I recommend ablation before the fear really kicks in these arrhythmias are scary!!!

Keep us posted with your progress I hope it's sorted soon! X


I started with Af and Aflutter, and it wasn't until during the ablation for these arrhythmias in November that I was also diagnosed with SVT. I believe this arrhythmia (usually?) arises in the right atrium, whereas AF is in the left? I would assume therefore that even though you have had the 3 ablations which seem to be considered the maximum, as this is the other atrium you may be able to have a further ablation?


My svt and vts were right ventricle I'm not sure how many ablation a are the max though c


I have SVT and opted for ablation. I'm on Sotalol 40 mg bid. Was wiped out, lost 30 lbs and my hair was falling out. I had diverticulitis (3rd time...Had twice in 2012) Slow recovery but would have ablation again if needed. Just need to remember to consider my badly damaged sigmoid colon. Holistic Doctor helped me...ozone therapy etc etc...gained back 15 lbs, hair grew back. I used Diatomaceous Earth food grade which rid me of parasites. No longer sleeping all the time. I'd love to kayak, ride my bike and walk around NYC again. Deconditioned and a little scared of bringing on episode. Did go to pool. The recovery and opportunistic infections needs to be taken seriously. Stay well hydrated, eat healthy and perhaps a cardiac rehab program....hoping to do one to be monitored while I exercise initially. All the best in Health.


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