SVT after exercising

I was planning to write an update on my situation following my ablation 4 weeks ago. The reason for my relative silence is that I have been contending with very bad urticaria since and quite frankly haven't been in the mood.

The reason for this post is that I have been walking to start to crank up my exercise.

Yesterday afternoon I walked 5k around a local garden - Sir Harold Hillier. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

So tonight I did the same again. However when I stopped walking my heart started beating very fast but still in rhythm.

Now nearly 2 hours later I am still beating at about 115bpm despite resting. I have no other symptoms. I have been in NSR at around 55bpm since my ablation.

Any constructive comment would be appreciated.


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  • Panic over just slipped back to 67bpm. Yippee.

    I think it might have been because I was walking quite fast and then I stopped without warming down.

    I also took 1.25mg Bisoprolol .


  • Dont panic, mine was the same 110 to 140 for 2 months then got up one day later pulse 57 been same for 3 weeks.

    Its the 10 to 12 week blanking period when the scaring is healing up. Good luck

  • Thanks for your prompt reply and the explanation.

    All OK now it was just something I have never experienced before after any of my 6 ablations.

    I am now relaxing but will take it a bit easier on my next walk.


  • Raised heart rate is very common post ablation but this number does sound a little high. If things don;t settle soon why not ring your arrhythmia nurse if you have one or the team who performed the procedure for advice. If nothing else pop to your GP and ask for an ECG to check what is going on.

  • Thanks Bob

    It is fine now but 2 hours of that fast rate, which I have not had before in NSR, only when I was in AF and following my 'fast' walk was just a bit scary.


  • I react to exercise, a little is good, more is not. I have noticed that I am getting more AF episodes again, always after I have had several active days on the trot.

    Sunday I tried to ignore tachycardia and just 'push' through - big mistake! I am still recovering.

    Slowly, very gradually is now my mantra!

  • Yes I think you are right. It was a bit of a shock to me to have such a fast regular heart rate. The first time I could check it was when I got home and it was at 118bpm and stayed that way for 2 hours. Immediately after the walk it was clearly much higher than that.

    As I have been stable for 4 weeks without AF and my severe allergic reaction had subsided, I thought that exercise would do me good. I will continue to walk but maybe not so enthusiastically. I think I will talk to the Rhythm nurses at our Cardiac Unit today to get their view.

    Thanks for your reply


  • Morning Pete, I'm sorry to hear about your AF event. Now why couldn't you have just left it at the one 5 mile walk and not go mad and do it again the very next day! Hold out your hand, slap, slap and don't do it again!

    Seriously it sounds like you did too much too soon and need to build up far more slowly.

    Wishing you well.


  • Morning Jean

    Yes I think you are right and think I have learned my lesson although it was mostly on level ground. 5K is slightly better than 5 miles but all the same I totally agree with you and will take it bit easier in future.

    Thing is we are off to Skye end of next week and I was trying to get a bit fitter before we do any walks up there. Maybe this was the alarm call. Last year I was on an island off of Skye miles from anyways on the other side of a steep hill when I went into AF it was not easy getting back.

    By the way it wasn't AF thank goodness it was SVT. I am still quietly confident that the last ablation did the trick with regard to the AF but time will tell.

    I will put a post on with info on my last ablation when I feel more in the mood for writing as there are some interesting things that came out of it. I have just been so unwell with the Urticaria since and it still has not totally gone.


  • Oh you lucky thing going to Skye! The last time I was there was a few days before the bridge opened, yes, that long ago! We sang the Skye Boat song as we crossed. In fact during that trip we sang every Scottish song we knew and even bought a tape to sing along to. Happy days. Enjoy your trip and walks and leave that pesky AF and urticaria at home.


  • There is a kind of tachycardia that comes after exercise or when mild exercise at the end of a long day. Basically the rate will not go down from normal exercise rate to normal rest rate. The rate seems to get stuck. It is different to the 'sudden onset' kind which is usually higher. There is a name for it, but I am not sure, so best stick to descriptions.

    In the times past when I was not taking any meds at all and was in NSR, when this tachycardia happened, I drank some cold water, took 1.25mg of bisoprolol and rested. I know that bisoprolol usually kicks in after an hour or so and peaks at 2-4 hours. That is usually enough to massage it down. On the odd occasion when that fails, or is incomplete, I take another 1.25mg after 4-5 hours. It always calmed down slowly, and the calming was sometimes bumpy.

  • Thanks for the reply it is much appreciated.

    You have described the situation exactly. I work freelance from home and am desk bound for hours on end. Was quite tired and then went for this hour long walk. The tachycardia did seem to be the fact that I had raised my heart rate by walking relatively briskly and then stopped suddenly physically but my heart kept going for two hours despite me trying to relax by playing the piano and doing some embroidery with no avail. Whilst I have been off Bisoprolol since January I still have a box in the house so took 1.25mg and my guess was that this was what did the trick (I shall never know of course.

    Just to be on the safe side I have left a message for they Cardiac rhythm nurse to call me so that I can just talk it through.

    I think that whilst it is good to exercise maybe I over did it this time.


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