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Doctors Strike - My Ablation being cancelled for 2nd time!!!!


I can't believe it - I was due for ablation treatment for AF and Flutter on 23rd November last year after waiting for 8 months. At the 11th hour I was cancelled (I had my bags packed and was about to leave home for train journey) . Needless to say I was so upset. A new date for Ablation was given to me I had to phone up a week later. Date being 12th January.

On Monday I became aware that the doctors strike was 12th January and is very likely to go ahead. I phoned St Thomas hospital spoke to Case Manager. She was very apologetic but said they haven't cancelled any yet, but if strike goes ahead will definitely cancel. However will not know until 11th hour again. I said that last time the strike DID NOT go ahead at 11th hour and I was still cancelled!!!! she said she just didn't know yet, perhaps I could phone back on Friday.

My AF and Flutter has got much worse since November. I had to go to A&E over Christmas period for Flutter after 9hours heart rate 150bpm. Was there for 6 hours, after 3 hours, they eventually gave me medical cardioversion which worked immediately and let me go home after another 3 hours. I have had to be off work sick since 17th December and have not returned due to daily AF and Flutter episodes and severe anxiety, some days 3 episodes a day lasting 2 - 3 hours. Suffering from anxiety so I'm in a vicious circle unable to relax or sleep well.

I don't know what to do now - even if they reschedule me, how can it be soon as consultants will have full lists and I could easily get caught up in the next round of strikes - 26th January and 11th February. I'm also worried about my job, only started it beginning of October so being still in 6 month probationary period having to have so much time off. They were ok with me taking 2 weeks off for the operation, but I've now had 10 days off without operation.

Sorry to rant on but just had to get this off my chest. I feel that I should be contacting someone else that something else can be done, some other action taken - but perhaps there isn't. What do you think?!

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I am so sorry that you are having all this stress. The build-up to an ablation is traumatic without you having all this trauma.

Assuming that your ablation is cancelled I would send a letter to your EP outlining the cancellations and your recent health difficulties, your job implications and anything else that is relevant. Ask to be treated as an emergency. Copy this letter to your GP and possibly the Chief Executive at the hospital. The more people who know the results of the strike actions the better.

Best wishes.

PeterWh in reply to jennydog

And copy it to the admissions department!!!

PeterWh in reply to PeterWh

The admissions department has a lot of power!!!!

nothing like a good rant to get things off ones chest and relieve understandable frustration and worry.


I think Jenny is right in her suggesting but I also think that right now your greatest problem is anxiety. Ablation can be quite a stressful procedure for anybody although once over you wonder what all the fuss was about.

You seem to have got into a worry loop which is not helping so I wonder if you would be helped by talking to your GP about this aspect. We are all different and manage our conditions at different levels but you do seem to be very affected by it all at the moment so some support may help. I know it is no comfort to know that many people with permanent AF live normal lives but it can be done.

I do hope that things go ahead as planned and that you can start putting your life back into order and perspective.

Best wishes



Please breathe some nice deep breaths. Your frustration is totally understandable. I don't know the workings of your health system, but it seems like I would be looking to another physician at a different facility if that were possible.

As Bob says, it sounds like your anxiety is a major player in your life right now and that only aggravates the AF. I would urge you to seek out some stress management therapies, meditation, mindfulness, exercise to help you through this rough patch.

Having the employment issues just adds another layer of stress. Talk with your employer and explain that this situation has been beyond your control.

Meanwhile, maybe they can adjust your meds to have less flutter. Wishing you luck, most especially at relaxing through the journey. I hope it all gets straightened out for you soon. Meanwhile, we are glad to listen.

Thank you everyone for you support as always. Following (very soon in fact) after my long and pleading email sent to Case Manager and consultants secretary this morning. I have just had a phone call from case manager who advised me that she had spoken to Consultant and he had assured me that he WILL be going ahead with the procedure on Tuesday regardless of strike or not!!! so I will be having my Ablation on Tuesday.

So relieved as you can imagine - will start to relax now. I would add that I ma not normally a nervous or anxious person, quite the opposite. so now I'm actually looking forward to it!!! will be nervous when I get there I know, but reading everyone's accounts of what happens during ablation and afterwards has helped enormously to remove the fear factor, and my paper knickers arrived from Amazon today so I'm good to go!

Thank you all.

I will post with my own story afterwards.

Dee1989 in reply to wendy6

So glad to hear you can finally sort of relax about it all. And I know what it's like with jobs Aswel. However health must always come first. 😀

Jay10 in reply to wendy6

Glad you have got it sorted, just try to relax before the procedure. Best wishes, Jackie.

So sorry to hear this. I am sure your employers will understand it's beyond your control hopefully you won't get caught up in t he strikes again. You're seeing everything negatively just now which s totally understandable as you've had v bad luck. It will pass. Good luck

Hope it went well

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