Ablation cancelled

Good morning all

Sadly yesterday's planned ablation did not materialise.

Unfortunately having arrived on time fully prepared after waiting for months and having been told on arrival at 07:30 I was first on the list I was subsequently told that a very urgent emergency case had to be dealt with in the Cath Lab and that my procedure would be postponed for about 4 hours.

6 hours later I and another patient (different procedure) were told that it was quite likely our procedures would be cancelled as the emergency case was still ongoing. In the event I think that in all the emergency case took around 8 ½ hours.

At this point I asked the Registrar if, in the event of cancellation, would be possible to do a cardioversion for me as I had been in AF for a week and was feeling wretched with all the usual bad symptoms particularly as they had an anaesthetist and the necessary doctors there together. He thought this might be possible and would check for me.

2 hours later I was told that my AF ablation was cancelled but that they had agreed to a cardioverion for me.

1 hour later I had the cardioversion and I am please to report that I am now back in NSR. For those who ask what is a cardioversion like I can tell them that for me when I wake up the feeling of euphoria being back in NSR is overwhelming.

In the many years of having PAF I have spent many a long day waiting so this was another one to add to the list. I managed to read the last 150 pages of a book which when I finished still left me with 3 hours looking at the ceiling.

I have learnt the art of patient's patience.

Now all I have to do is to contact the hospital today to find out when my 5th AF ablation is to take place, hoping all the time that I stay in NSR until then.

Thanks to all of you who sent be goodwill wishes yesterday and on Monday it was very much appreciated.


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  • Oh no - what a letdown but well done for suggesting a cardioversion and getting back to NSR.

    It must have been a very serious emergency - some poor soul . . .

    You are a true stoic pete - hope you get rescheduled soon.

  • Sorry to hear the day didn't go as planned, but being in normal rhythm again is a step forward.

  • Sorry about cancelled ablation but at least you are back in NSR.

  • Oh dear, what a disappointment for you after that long a wait, glad to hear you were quick thinking enough to get cardioverted. I do know what you mean about feeling so good once you're back in nsr, it is great isn't it. I hope it lasts for you and you get the date through for your (5th!) ablation very soon.

    All the best, Kate

  • Sugar! or words to that effect. I hope they can get you another slot quickly. Well done to think about the cardio and well done to them for doing it straight away. Hope the other patient is doing ok.

  • Groan!

  • Oh how devastating, having only ever had runs of AF for 4 - 6 hours I can't imagine how a week must feel! Hope you get a close date and stay steady till then x

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