Hospital has cancelled my procedure on Monday

Not a good day - woke up with AF and then flutter for 2 hours so was late in for work.

Just got home from work - I cant believe it - just had phone call from St Thomas Hospital London. They have cancelled my ablation procedure for AF and Atrial Flutter scheduled for Tuesday because they don't have enough anesthetists available. I asked how long would I have to wait and was told after Christmas!!!!

I have had to take 2 weeks sick leave, arrange cover for work, spent all day arranging work issues for my absence, I'm a college manager, booked and paid for my train ticket on Monday, arranged for my daughter to pick me up and be with me,, she has taken 3 days off work etc etc.............

Now having AF episodes almost every other day, of 2 hours and Atrial flutter of up to 4 hours -

Fed up!!!!

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  • Wendy, I am not surprised you are feeling so fed up. All the anxiety, arrangements etc. Nothing I can say to make you feel any better about it, just to say I feel for you. Kath

  • How frustrating and stressful! So sorry.

  • I'm not surprised you feel fed up Wendy with a day like that!! Is there any chance you could ask for a cancellation should the hospital have's just a thought.

  • Yes that sort of thing happens. Sad but true. Sorry you are so stressed but do understand.

  • Oh hard luck indeed- you must have been all geared up mentally so horrible to have this last minute cancellation. Hope you can re-arrange everything

  • 😱 😭 and the rest......

  • So sorry to hear that Wendy. Heather x

  • How disappointing and annoying after all the arrangements you have made. No wonder you are fed up, you have every right to be! I feel like sitting here and swearing in frustration for you!


  • No wonder you are fed up. So sorry to hear this. Hope that you get sorted soon.

  • So sorry. I really understand that it is more so with so many things planned and arranged, not just the procedure!!! Keep your chin up.

  • I am so sorry that things are definitely not going right for you at the moment. Do hope you can re-arrange your time off work for after Christmas. Hopefully you can get the money back for your train fare. So frustrating when this kind of thing happens and I am not surprised you are feeling stressed. This darn AF is the bane of our lives and whoever comes up with a 'cure' will make a fortune! I do hope you are feeling a bit better and your AF episodes and flutters are lessening. Everyone is here for you.

    Best wishes.


  • Whether it is a ticket that charges you £5 or is booked on line then worthwhile writing a letter and submitting as well because that may help. Include note saying you hope to have new op in January or February because they may give you a 6 month voucher.

  • Oh how awful! This is horrible when it happens especially with all the preparation in place beforehand.


  • What a pain! So sorry to hear this. I hope they reschedule you asap.

  • Thank you everybody for your support as always.

    I have calmed down a bit! trying to be philosophical about it, Ive waited 6 months since referral to St. Thomas so one more month isn't so bad as long as it is only one month. Plus side - I will not be debilitated recovering from procedure over Christmas period - downside - I will continue to have regular episodes which are debilitating - so I guess the pros and cons even themselves out. Really annoyed about work - so much effort went into getting re-organised now will have to do that all over again.

    Anyway need to move on - Just hope that my episodes don't get worse, my fear is that I will go into permanent AF as have had this 9 years now, but the added Flutter only started this year.

    Thank you again for your kind words. will keep you posted.


  • Wendy.

    Sorry to hear this .


  • Hi Wendy. Very bad luck on this. On the bright side Aflutter is a lot more easier to treat with ablation than Afibrillation and a lot more successful. So bear up, and after the op in a month or two you'll hopefully be more settled.


  • Sorry to hear this, it's so frustrating isn't it. Treat yourself to something nice today and try to relax. It will all be so worth it when you finally have it done and this will be a fading memory. All the best for your future ablation. Had mine at the end of September and so far all is well.

    Brenda 🎄

  • It is of course, so awful for you & I sympathize. But, just be grateful that this procedure is possible now at all. Some of us lived through a lifetime of having to suffer terribly & even be labelled as psychiatric when the cause was not understood. Its tough, I know, but just keep praying that they will eventually get it right -- Sometimes the timing of events can be for a reason.

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