Still in A/F

Presented to Ambulatory clinic today.... Walked to the far corner of the hospital- to be told they have moved the location? Eventually arrived... Queue.. priority... triage ... what a shambles! More like -first come ,first served -regardless of ailment?

After expressing my disgust at the set up... I was fast tracked to see the Consultant in charge. First question-"what are you doing here, you should be under cardiac care" They were unable (the same as And E) to refer me to the Ablation waiting list?

Went back to Chief Physiologist... Now booked to see Lead Cardiologist (EP) in two weeks time.

I am now prescribed 10mg Bisoprolol daily.... plus 250mg Digoxin to reduce runaway A/F.

I am hoping to have an Ablation ,if possible, and stop these potent drugs?

Booked all my weekly blood tests in advance today (Kidneys). Booked to alter my prescription changes.

Made up my record of events to date. Handed in all relevant paperwork to my GP.

Just got to wait to see what next -with the uncontrolled A/F ?

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  • Apart from kidneys also get up to date tests done in advance for liver, thyroid, cholesterol, etc and take it with you with your other paperwork when you see EP.

  • Thanks PeterWh, Been in hospital so many times lately, always receive a copy of tests etc. This Consultant is after my blood levels- next Monday and the following assess the Digoxin levels ,which should be reasonably accurate after two weeks - and from this information- they can adjust future medication levels to suit my requirements.

    I will be regularly monitored in the future.

    It would be great ... if I am able to receive an Ablation... and cut out (or) reduce my medication?

    The Digoxin will benefit both the fast A/F and Heart Failure.

    Regret having to take Digoxin -with the Bisoprolol.... But the Beta Blocker alone -will not influence the A/F to date. We had hoped after the pacemaker implant, a high dosage of Bisoprolol would do the trick?

    I am interested what the HR will be -once this is in my system?

    The Sick Sinus Syndrome leaves my HR bouncing at all levels.... (pick a number?)..... but controlled- if it ever goes below 60bpm (pacemaker).

    I do not envy the Medics trying to control this!

    I enjoy reading your posts,

    All the best.

  • Hi Sheppey

    I'm sorry to hear of your ongoing trials with it all and hope that you get resolution soon. I have sick sinus syndrome and opted for ablation first and although a long and difficult journey (I could bore for England on it all) the upshot is that my second ablation was successful in ridding me of my AF; fast arrhythmias; the lowest heart rates in the 30s and best of all the pauses that would mean I needed a pacemaker now. Although technically still Bradycardic with a heart rate in the 40s this is asymptomatic for me. When I have my post ablation follow up with my EP I am hopeful of coming off all drugs - so this post is to give you some hope that it might be a possibility for you.

    Take care and keep your spirits up.


  • Dear HappyJoe, Thank you for your advice...Optimistic it will be resolved eventually?

    Hope you keep well.

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