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I have suffered from A/F for over 14 years which has involved several stays in hospital, three CV,s, two angiograms etc. I am due to have a pacemaker fitted on 24th November followed by a AV node ablation around six weeks later. I have been told that these proceedures will not get rid of A/F. My problem is that if the ablation cuts off all signals to my heart then there is nothing to trigger an attack of A/F. Is this a correct interpretation or am I missing something.

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  • Sorry I think you miss the point as to what actually is AF. It is a chaotic activation of cells in the atrium causing it to writhe like a bag of works. Apparently all heart muscle cells have the ability to signal contraction so this can come from anywhere or no where which is why it is such a mongrel condition. In lots of cases the signals start near the four pulmonary veins which is why these are isolated during ablation but they can come from anywhere. They do not come from the AV node for sure which is why isolating that won't stop AF.

    Ablating the AV node is done to disconnect the atria from the ventricles so that the chaotic activity in the left atrium is not transferred to the left ventricle which is then paced by the machine. Your pulse will be nice and regular whilst the atrium can continue to play Dave Brubeck as much as it wants.

    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks Bob that has helped to clarify my interpretation of A/F.

  • Have you had a regular ablation or PVI ablation etc.

    Is there any other need for a pacemaker. AV node to me is still last resort once other things have been tried.

    In my case if I had gone av node my lower chambers would have been happy while my upper chambers would have killed me

    But I had extreme afib. YMMV

  • Thank you azrverrat I have taken what you say on board.

    ps I have not had any previous ablations.

  • I would question your ep about why they are recommending av node ablation as opposed to normal ablation - which could stop your AF. I was told av node ablation would be a last resort after all other treatments had been tried. There may be a good reason but you should understand what it is.

    Good luck 🍀

  • Just noticed the date of your treatment Mullikg. Wanted to wish you all best wishes.

  • Thank you Groeclose. Unfortunately I was informed yesterday afternoon that has been re-scheduled for the 6th of December. This is the second time this has happened. Hoping for more luck on the 6th Dec.

  • This delay seems to be the norm these days. Another date for you canender not too long away though. Good luck for then and try to be optomistic. Was surrposed to be seeing my cardio today and have been looking forward to appointment with lots of questions prepared and i too had a phonecall on Wed to delay for w few weeks. Disappointed and more stressed. As i say, seems to be the norm. Chin up.

  • Anymore news, Mullikg? Looks like i'm following in your footsteps. So deperate for advise. Don't know which way to turn.

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