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Nuisance A/F

Returned to hospital today...Cardiorespiratory-to get my interrogation of DDDR. All working OK... Will not help my SSS. But allows more medication without compromising my Bradycardia. What it did show -was Sleep Apnea. This last week, I had 3 nights of Severe Sleep Disordered Breathing -with RDI >20 over this last week. ......(Respiratory Disturbance Index)..... 15% of all sleep over the last month @ RDI >20.......Clever DDDR?

My best option now is to have an Ablation as I am in Fast A/F still .

Cardiorespiratory telephoned the A and E department for ECG and Ablation request. I was fast tracked into Majors to get Fast A/F reduced in rate.

I was admitted and given Fluid therapy ( Low BP)..... Digoxin IV..... Analgesic IV. Rate reduce to approx' 120HR after about 3 hours. Discharged home and to return Tomorrow Tuesday, to Ambulatory Dept'.

Request they chase Ablation . Should this fail ? Cardiorespiratory will chase this for me?

Seems their preferred option is Elective cardioversion.... This is a quick fix and not viable for SSS patient?

I am still in A/F and every movement ,or exertion ,sends it upwards.

Taking it very easy until tomorrow...... do not want another ambulance call.

Wish they had kept me in Hospital on Saturday... by discharging me -this has been very traumatic and a painful experience I could have done without. This has also complicated any chance of a early resolution (as a in -patient).

This time , I have collected all relevant paperwork to present to the Ambulatory Dept'...Fed up with going there and they have no knowledge of me or my records.

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So sorry to hear you are going through the mill and having the added stress of being sent home to have to return again. You could do without the added hassle and worry.

They would have served you better by keeping you as an in patient sadly the system does not seem to work like that for whatever reason be it beds or co-ordination between departments. I do hope you get all the care you need on your return tomorrow. Here's to a decent nights sleep for you in your own comfy bed at home. Best wishes for tomorrow.


Dear meadfoot, This stupidity is designed by the King's Fund and Nuffield Trust.... to save money at the expense of patients welfare and safety? If you can crawl to the furthest point in a Hospital ,regardless of how well you are... you are now an ambulatory patient. You are over 65 and not going to be a bed blocker? Round them up and move them out?

It is not about the patients best interest and recovery period anymore?

I believe this is a total false economy engineered by accountants and forced on a caring NHS.

The real bed blockers are in hospital due to the closure of just about every care home or alternative accommodation?

I don't see the King's Fund and Nuffield Trust reviewing this failed practice?

I think it is just going to be pass the parcel again... these departments don't talk to each other and seem to compete with each other?

That is why I am taking my notes and paperwork -all photocopied for them........ I have been on this 'Merry go Round' for almost 2 years now.

I should have been a politician... examined and treated in a couple of weeks??

I believe this is contrived to ease in private practice methods.. at a greater rate... with the excuse of modernising and making more efficient.

The only main inefficiency the NHS has.... IS POLITICIANS

They should let the Medic's review and change Parliament's practices??


Meadfoot... I am so grateful for your kind wishes and hope you are well?

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Hi Sheppey - I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea after a referral via my EP for a sleep study. I attended a sleep clinic and was fitted with a CPAP mask and issued with a machine for a 3 month trial. Once I got used to the mask, which took about 6 weeks, I found immense difference in my general health, I have an neuro/muscular autoimmune disease as well as AF. 12 months on my sleep is now undisturbed so I awake feeling refreshed - not had that for 20 years. My general energy and stamina is vastly improved and I am far less symptomatic. I am also not as susceptible to chest infection - the pulmonologist says it is because I am more able to clear my lungs of mucus.

My EP says that the research linking AF and sleep apnea is strong.

Sorry you feel you are not being well treated - I had to go privately to have an 2 ablations as they were not available in my region at the time I needed them. I am afraid that NHS cuts are are only just starting and if we want a better service then we are all going to have to pay - a lot more! Do not expect it to get better anytime soon. Our local hospitals have all closed some or all of our beds - simply because of a vast overspend resulting in a major deficit. It is not just inadequate funding it is is also an NHS culture of low morale with a sense of disempowerment.

We have been warned that far more care will shift to 'the community' i.e. GPs. Unfortunately no-one wants to be a GP anymore, our very excellent local surgery has not been able to recruit a full time GP for the last 5 years. Did you know that all GPs operate from a private practice? When GPs rely upon NHS contract alone it is almost impossible to cover the costs.

I do not see a problem with a greater involvement of private practice if it improves standards, speeds up treatments and costs less and my personal experience is that is exactly what it does.

As a society we all expect excellent care but don't like our taxes being raised and unfortunately an underfunded NHS at a time when expensive treatments mean choices between what can or cannot be provided is the result.

I agree that we need a lot more nursing homes and convalescent homes - but how are they going to be paid for and who is going to pay?

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CDreamer, Thank you for your valuable advice, regarding sleep Apnea. I was booked I year ago to attend clinic, but they cancelled continuously -then had the cheek to advise I had to apply to my GP, once again for failed appointments ? With my heart problems -I did not need this further aggravation.

Given my new information on Apnea- I am having to pursue this once again.

I agree with you- some NHS privatisation has achieved good results. I am disgusted with the amount of 'Fat Cats' in the middle -milking the system. The NHS run by politicians?

THE NHS IS A TREASURE.... With a lot of good people helping others.... and a lot of people helping themselves. Managed by politicians and accountants?

I find it so frustrating - having to deal with the mountain of new rules and regulations that prohibit easy access and good practice.


Hi Sheppey - so sorry you are having such a bad time - my commiserations. I have had a really great experience with our local hospital and their sleep clinic and cannot praise them highly enough - only wish other departments were as efficient, including cardiology!

It may be worth persevering - the route I took was - I originally asked for letter from my EP to my GP suggesting a referral to the sleep clinic. My GP then referred - I was seen within 4 weeks - had a full assessment and overnight sleep study - at home - machine similar to a holter ECG. Saw the physiologist who conducted an interview, fitted the device and instructed me how to use it, ran through a consultation document with me. After the results came in I then attended a 2 hour master class on sleep apnea with 3 other people where we were all fitted with our masks and invited to take them home for a trial period. We had unlimited telephone access to the physiologists at the clinic for questions and then after assessment on trial machine, issued with our own machines. They supply all replacement parts on request through the post. Simples.

Why cannot others be like them?

Unfortunately the physiologist has told me that they think this excellent clinic is not likely to survive the next level of cuts. Very sad, but not surprising. How some people are going to manage I do not know!

The latest cut, I was informed by both the GP surgery manager and my Optician, is that all referrals for cataract operations in our area have been suspended - unless you are blind - errrr..........?!?

Very best wishes and hope you have improved service soon. I was never a table banger but I have learned that unless I make a noise and continue to, little or nothing happens so my best advice is make nuisance of yourself.

very best wishes CD


Dear CD, Just completed a comprehensive reply ... but this has disappeared , I know not where? I have this morning-presented my Pacemaker readouts to my GP.... He is making arrangements for the sleep clinic visit. I was really pleased to read your post on sleep apnea and found this very informative. Hopefully, all the information from the pacemaker will help the Thoracic Team decide on a regime for me?

I have good news (at last).. booked in for Cardiac Catheter investigation etc on 16th January and booked to see my Cardiologist (EP) on 20th January.

Too much heart discomfort and SOB all the time now... I know heart electrics are faulty... suspect plumbing needs attention now?

My sincere thanks to all who post on this site.... very reassuring , good comments.


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