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Atrial fribulation

Evening to you all.

I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for helping me get through my first week on bios.

I didn't want to take it as read lots of silly forums about how bad it was, but you all encouraged me to take it.

started on Sunday and not going to lie that I felt very tired and couldn't do much at all for three days but I perceviered like you all said and not have I only managed my two afternoons at school with my wonderful pupils but did an extra day today seeing them all sing around the Christmas tree.

feels odd being at school taking decorations down today before we broke up when I'm still putting mine up.

I feel so much better and less anxiety too which is a bonus.

Thank you all so much.

Wishing you all a healthy and Happy Christmas.

Vicky xx

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And to you Vicky.


Hi Vicky,

You are doing just great.

Happy Christmas



Same to you Vicky xx


Best wishes, but what is bios?


I would assume bisoprolol ??


Good luck and merry Christmas to you Vicky!

Wendi x


If you mean bisoprolol ? It absolutely knocked me for six , I had to come of it as I had no life quality, rather have AF symptoms , I have pill in pocket now (motoprolol to take as and when , not needed yet 😀)


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