Do you have an Alivecor Kardia Mobile ECG?

We have been asked for patient stories from patients who have purchased an Alivecor Kardia Mobile ECG. If you have used one of these monitors and found it useful, or if you have a particular story that you would like to share, please contact me by private message. For data protection purposes, we will not pass any of your details onto anybody, but share your stories anonymously.

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Rachel - Patient Services Associate, AF Association

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  • The Kardia. Mobile E.C.G. has twice saved my husband and myself a great deal of time in the diagnosis of A.F.

    I had an ablation which was unsuccessful and while waiting for another my heart kept going in and out of A.F. and tachycardia alternately. It would have been hard to catch it on E.C.G. at the doctors but my E.P. was happy to accept my Kardia results thus saving time and extra inconvenience.

    My husband has just begun with fast A.F. and had to go A and E. Where of course he went back into normal rhythm! He had caught it on the Kardia. Again. It was accepted and he now has an appointment to see an E.P.

    He would probably still be trying to catch it on repeated 24 hour monitors if he hadnt had the Kardia.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Thank you very much, would you mind sending your contact information by private message to me so that we can discuss it through email. This keeps everything on our record. I will then delete your reply as it needs to be kept anonymous. I hope you don't mind.

    Regards - Rachel

  • Hi...

    I have a hard is monitor. After 2 cardioversions and one ablation I still go into AF. When I speak to my specialist of doctor and say I have been in and out of AF they always ask how do I know. When I say I have a Kardia monitor ( previously alivecor) they say ok that's fine can I see the reading. I really would not want to be without it now.

    Regards Trevor

  • yes have one and find it reassuring , but get many unclassified readings which when checked turn out to be ok - but it does help you see what is going on and if needed send to someone to have it checked.

  • Hi there can't see private message option at mo as new to site but I would like to say that the Alivecor Kardia saved me from going nuts trying to explain episodes I was having, thanks to my husband buying me this brilliant little mobile ecg it proved my paroxsymal AF. I was dubious at first but the next episode I had, it straight away said possible AF so I took a few of these before I went to GP, I have to say I was expecting him to dismiss it but to my amazement he was impressed with what the Alivecor did and wanted to know more, and sent my ecg print outs to the cardiologist (who had decided previously it was my fibromyalgia ) anyway he said no doubt I was having paroxsymal AF and instructed GP to start medication. He was also impressed with the Alivecor, so if my husband hadn't done his research and found the Alivecor I would still be saying must be FM and going to bed feeling dreadful.

  • So true. At least they listened and reacted.

    When on the morning after my ablation last year I mentioned to my EP that I had bought an AliveCor (now Kardia) he said brilliant. You'll be able to email me with the analysis when you have a problem. I asked him why he hadn't suggested one during earlier consultations. He said that he didn't want to promote any particular products nor make people feel that they had to buy one (even though I saw him privately at least 4 times before private medical ran out. When I saw him 5 weeks after ablation when I was back in AF after 72 hours he thanked me for the PDFs. He said the AliveCor was a brilliant device that was under £100 that told him the same as the hospital's portable ECG machine that cost many thousands.

    At the hospital the technician who took my ECG etc hadn't heard of the AliveCor but was very impressed and said she would buy one for her stepdad who loved gadgets and had some heart problems. When I saw her again two months later she said that he had been very impressed with it.

  • I purchased a Kardia Device 4 weeks ago and I've had nothing but problems with the iPhone App and the service from AliveCor. I wanted to use the device to track my heart rate and ECG readings in the hope that it would result in correctly associating Afib to by symptoms.

    I submited a report for £6 using the App and payment was taken but no report forthcoming. I contact support who promised to fix the Account problem but 2 weeks on I'm still waiting. So I submitted the report to their support helpline, no positive feedback on that either having been promised by support to look at the report and give me the results urgently.

    For a device that promises so much I've had nothing but negative experience.

  • Have you had any further news?

    You seem to have been very unlucky.

  • Used it after my ablation, loved being able to send instant readings to my EP., wonderful product.

  • Caught an AF = Arterial Fibrillation episode last night (3rd sept 2017) on my Kardia mobile synced with my samsung phone. Had been up all night with AF so went down to my local A & E they put me on the ECG for 30 seconds and said i was fine. AF had stopped by the time i had walked to hospital !!. showed them the AF reading on my kardia app journel they were not interested and said it was not a recognized device and would not take it seriously.

    They did note my low hear rate 37-47 bpm but said that was normal. Sadly i feel the only way i'm going to get proper treatment is if i turn blue in front of a doctor !!!.

  • Be aware that the device doesn't work with pacemakers. Something not mentioned on the site before you buy. Also my husband has ventricular tachycardia which Is outside the parameters of the device.

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