AliveCor Product Update - Know instantly when an ECG is normal

AliveCor Product Update - Know instantly when an ECG is normal

“Normal.” The word is particularly meaningful for anyone suffering from a heart arrhythmia, such as atrial fibrillation (AF).


Today, AliveCor announces the Normal Detector, which gives all users of the AliveCor Heart Monitor the ability to know immediately if their ECG is normal. The Normal Detector runs automatically each time a recording is taken and communicates right away when an ECG is normal. The Normal Detector offers peace of mind to patients, who, before now, had not been given the tools to know immediately, in the moment, when their ECG is normal.


In an effort to continue to offer the easiest recording process possible, today AliveCor is also rolling out the Interference Detector: a simple way to confirm that a recording is high quality enough for both the AliveECG app— and a doctor— to interpret. If an ECG is unreadable for any reason, the Interference Detector will immediately alert the user and give tips about how to take a better ECG next time.

Now, when providers review patients’ data, ECGs will be tagged with AF, Normal, or Unreadable. Having more information at-a-glance about patients’ ECGs will help providers focus on the patient data that is most important to decision-making and follow-up.

Don’t miss out on these new features, available free for a limited time.


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15 Replies

  • Mine not doing this. Is the update available now and if yes how do I get it. Thanks

  • Did you go into App Store? When I did that I had an update mark and it was for the AliveCor app - clicked on it and it worked as described. Really useful.

    PS I use mine on an iPad

  • Yes. Now updated and working. You may have an email from AliveCor ir go into apps and update.

  • This is a brilliant addition to the app. It works well and is very helpful.

  • Great, it works. I wondered why there was an Alivecor update on my phone this morning so that was probably why. Hope the free trial lasts a while.

  • Is this an actual device or just an app for your phone?

  • It's an update to the Alivecor app.

  • It is an actual device but the software for the device is an app for phone. The makers have just updated the software so that's what we are all getting so excited about!

  • Mine sort of works but it can't seem to make up its mind - some results say 'normal' and some say 'undetermined' though they look the same to me! I suspect because my ECG is mostly perfectly regular but there is no P wave, just a series of zigzags. I think I may have flutter blocked by Diltiazem and it can't cope with that.

  • I just ordered one of these, and I'd love to hear about the experiences of current owners. Does it work as described? Are you happy with the purchase?

  • Hi cdeterra,

    Had the AliveCor for a year and a half now and it works really well, BUT not on my hands. My skin resistance is too high so got to do the ecg on my chest, and then get good results. I was in hospital recently, for something not AF related, and the Lead 1 trace on the ecg they did looked exactly like my AliveCor trace. I downloaded the latest update yesterday although the "Normal" part they mentioned won't apply to me since I am persistant/permanent AF. However the "interference" part will be useful since I do occasionally get a noisy trace if I cough or have to take a deep breath during a trace.

    Otherwise fantastic device.


  • I wish it had a normal function for the people using the app, not just the heartbeat. That would be reassuring. Normal as averse to bonkers.

  • I think that's the point. The update in the software now specifically says this ECG shows your heart beat is normal. If you are in AF it says that too so both of these functions are really useful.

  • So we need to purchase the actual device, then load the app onto your phone.

  • I really only bought mine for after I have my ablation because I know that I am in persistent AF. However I have found it very interesting to see the results and also it has explained some of the things that have gone on and the feelings that I get. Very interesting to see all the interference and rogue pulses and how widely the pulse rate and strength of the heart beat varies so much during the time I am taking it even though I am sitting still !!!!

    For information I decided to set mine at 3 mins duration so that the initial bits could always be ignored and that when there were bits of interference this would have less affect.

    In fact the display for the heartbeat jumps up and down from circa 50 to up to 110 (not always over the full range) over the duration but of course the average is actually over 3 mins so it is more realistic.

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