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Hi can anyone offer any advice? I had a cryoablation 3 weeks ago this Fri. Have been doing really well until last couple of days where I had such a pain in my stomach only lasted about 10 mins but next night had pain in my chest for hours that would not go.

My wife drove me to hospital where I spent 6 hours blood tests, chest x Ray ecg etc and all clear. They seem to think it is my stomach not heart and said it may be acid reflux it came on after eating a big meal and I take all my meds at night after meal. I have never suffered from this before.

I have been reading that this can be common after ablation for a few months but haven't had it until over 2 weeks after ablation.

Has anyone heard of this?


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Rob the procedure is known to possibly cause gastric problems due to the proximity of your various internal organs. Lanzoprazole or similar is often prescribed post ablation for this reason. I would suggest that you speak to the arrhythmia nurse at the hospital where your procedure was done or ring the EP's secretary and ask for advise. I very much doubt it is anything to worry about but best to check.


Rob - Its always better to have the pains you described checked out. In the meantime ask your Doc for a gastro referral if eating smaller portions doesn't do the trick and pains continue. Ann


I would suggest that you check the leaflets inside each medicine box to see about the time and method of taking each one as some have to be taken at specific times or with, before food etc.


Another approach is to wait and see what it does. A sudden but short-lived pain in the stomach is probably nothing to worry about, provided it doesn't keep coming back at you. As for the pain in the chest, get to know the signs of a heart attack and do your own triage. If it's only pain in the chest with no other symptoms of heart attack, just keep an eye on it. Both of the things you described are temporary effects of ablation.

At this point there's probably no need to take something for your stomach; it should settle down soon. Meanwhile, just relax, pay close attention, and don't let these symptoms spin you around in circles. You've had enough stress without these molehills being made into mountains.


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