I have been doing so well but a stressful period worrying about my mother has raised my blood pressure. A trip to see my gp who didn't seem too concerned and sighted rest for a couple of days which I have done would probably help. My bloodpressure is better but I have noticed an increase in missed beats. Not sure what the medical term is for this but I can feel it. The pulse is pretty regular except for the missed ones. I have taken my pulse and can certainly feel it. I have got an app to see my carcardiologist so hoping a tweek of medication as have been doing well for a year. Do feel a bit sorry for myself and worried. Chris

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  • oh man, I can so relate ... last year I had to help move my mother into a care facility and pack up the family home, deal with real estate agents and precious things taken from the house that had both actual and sentimental value, and generally saying goodbye to the home that made me feel grounded - it was stressful and emotional and, yes, it affects the heart. Your ectopics are probably not dangerous but you do want to reduce them. Somehow you need to find a way of alleviating feelings of stress - controlled deep breathing exercises in the mornings, scheduling "time out" from your worries to give yourself a break, and reminding yourself that family worries and life changes are natural, and they are difficult - not just for you, but for us all.

  • Thank you definitely all linked to stress its so difficult to not get stressed in some situations. I must try and get my mindfulness sessions back in gear. Chris

  • Its not easy. I've survived over 70 years with all this I only now read of in others, since coming on to this web site, & we need to tell someone who understands. Blessings

  • Thank you chris

  • Am sorry to hear you are .worried and feeling sorry for yourself. We all have feelings like that when stress hits us. It's no wonder you are having missed beats. Not easy, but we do have to have a but of 'me' time. It is not selfish, but your heart needs a bit if TCL or it will rebel. Hope your cardiology appt goes well. Good luck.


  • Thank you Carol very helpful and supportive Chris

  • I get the same. Certain types of stress such as you mention, would make me have what I call the wobbles, missed beats, extra beats, whatever. It's very uncomfortable but somehow knowing that is what happens under these circumstances stops me worrying about them. But even that understanding and lack of concern doesn't totally stop the problem, and of course when you get these beats, that adds to the concern even if you think it doesn't and you have a totally stiff upper lip.

    I am not an anxious person but nevertheless my GP prescribed anti-anxiety pills for me to take but only when and if I really need to. They work very well but I have to be careful to only take them irregularly as and when, because they are addictive. A box will normally last me a year and I wouldn't be without them.


  • Thank you Koll I have asked but he said he didn't want to add to any other side affects. I think it would help to have an anti anxiety pill.

  • Aw you have every right to feel a bit sorry for yourself. I'm back in persistent AF after 3 cardioversions and 1 ablation. I'm awaiting my second in the next couple of months. I now know what it's like to feel normal and was fantastic for the 4 months it last.....and yes I felt very sorry for myself at first.....but....we pick ourselves up and carry on don't we. xxxxx

  • Hi thank you for taking the time to respond. This condition really is hard to live with sometimes. I hope you get sorted out. I have been resting and i think it had helped. Off to see Cardiologist on Tuesday.

  • Yes!!!!

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