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My ablation blog

Sep 16. 1547 . Still on m25, awful journey up from the south coast . weather is dreadful , so much rain , so accidents en route . Supposed to check in at 1600. But made it by 1610 but no change for the car park ! £1.35 an hour . Fortunately the receptionist on the front desk suggested the post room would give us change . So after that it's check into the ward , and get the pre checks done . ECG to see if I'm still in a fib , MRSA swabs, blood test . And a quick shave around the groin area ready for tomorrow. More paperwork , check check and cross check . Now 1816 after a v welcome cup of tea and filling out tomorrow's menu , which I'll either be in theatre or out of it , but I ticked sea food pasta just in case . Waiting for chat with doctor , can't take my meds till I've seen him . partner getting a bit fidgety , he needs to get back on the m25 and walk the dog ! not sure when I'll eat . It's nil by moth after midnight , apparently 2 ablations performed a day , due to theatre space. Don't know if I'll be first or second . The waiting game continues !

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Relax and go with the flow. Good luck on the food but don't do what I did once. Ordered the most ghastly mix of food for the next day thinking I would have gone home by then and had to eat it myself when I was kept in an extra day. Hoist by my own petard


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Stress-wise the worst is over. As Bob says "go with the flow." If ablation was that awful nobody would agree to have more than one!

Re the food, I'm still confused about them turning tomato soup powder into an inedible glutinous mass!

Very best wishes.


take care good luck!


Have a good night. Hope you will be first in the morning and done and dusted promptly and perhaps able to sit up for lunch.


Yes try to relax now. Hope you get to be first in the morning.x


Best wishes for a successful ablation and look forward to hearing how it all went.



Good luck. Mine was done in a path lab and they only planned two because of length of procedures and medical team not being over tired. First in was someone else at 8:30 and they were there for 2 hours and a bit for tidying up. Then they had a break for half an hour and then I went in for 6.5 hours and it was about 6pm when I was awake after cv done.


Hope all going well ... best wishes for smooth recovery.



Best wishes.



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