Ablation blog part 4 : the final countdown !

It all happened so quick . Happily in the land of nod when the lovely nurse who feels sorry for me rings the Cath lab for info . Next minute porter arrives with chair hop in we're off ! Visit loo coz you never know when you can go again ! Lab looks more like an IT centre than Holby ! Usual banter as I go under at 1525 . 1 2 3 and you're back in the room . 3 3/4 hrs . Back on the ward . Feel like I've gone 20 rounds with Mike Tyson and I lost ! So pain wise . My throat feels like I've smoked 100 cigarettes . Bit of a headache. No burning sensation found the chest at all . Groin area a bit sore and bleeding a bit . Got to stay still ! Had to negotiate the pleasure of the bedpan . Who cares . When you gotta go you gotta go ! Wires everywhere being monitored . Quick ECG and woohoo , I'm in NSR ! bit of fluid round the heart but nothing to worry about . Taken usual melds but no rivaroxaban yet due to bleeding in groin area . Not much and nothing to worry about . Quite normal . Valves on the 2 entry points so the nurse can release the pressure to the area . Feeling better by the hour esp now I've had a cuppa and a sarni . Hope this account will help those undergoing their first ablation . And steve . 36 is young but there are others on this younger than you . The best thing about this site is that it makes you realise you're not alone by a long way ! writing this has been therapitic . I apologise if any one is bored , but there will be more !!!!!!


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  • Never bored reading about brave and clever people. Look forward to the next instalment. Be warned you may feel worse in the morning. Sleep well.


  • Hooray!

  • Logged on first thing this morning before breakfast to check if you were ok and so pleased when I saw your blog. Very happy for you and long may it continue, very best wishes to you and your family.

  • Hooray for you! Love your upbeat attitude.

  • Sounds good :-)

  • Not bored at all! It all sounds pretty good, especially the NSR. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to keep us up to date and provide an insight for those waiting. Yes, the lab impresses with its technology doesn't it and you suddenly feel all will go well.

    Do hope you have had a good night with no leaks of any sort.

  • They told me in the lab that when they put me under they play games on it !

  • No wonder some ablations take hours.

  • Just been put on the waiting list for my first ablation.....im 35 and have had sporadic episodes of af since I was 21. Keep convincing myself it will disappear because I must be doing something in life to cause it but im just gonna bite the bullet and get it done......fingers crossed. If I get a few years af free then maybe tackle it again in the future I'll take that. My friend has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer at 42 so putting it into perspective this is small fry and things could be so much worse!

  • You are so right Jimmy!

  • Yup cancer is worse. Had prostate cancer a few years ago but beat that as well. Positive attitude is all.

  • First post of the day and what a great start! Thank you Lisa.

  • Thank you for taking time to write about your experience. I am so glad that it eventually went ahead. Hopefully you will be long-term AF free. You need to get plenty of rest for the next few weeks - remember that your heart has been burnt inside and it needs time to heal.

    The bedpan bit made me laugh. As I lay still post- ablation I desperately needed a wee but I couldn't understand why as I hadn't drunk anything for hours. It was the dreaded micturition AGAIN. The nurses produced a tin tray arrangement which was slotted under me and I produced half a teaspoon of urine. That was the most embarrassing part of it all!

  • Please don't stop there - it would be lovely if you could continue your story. It is so helpful.

  • Not boring at all! Keep posting and keep getting better.

  • Good to read about your experience. When I had mine 7 years ago I didn't have a clue what it would be like so your blog will help others going through this procedure. Keep up the blog.


  • My ablation in November so this is very helpful, not boring. Love your humour, positive is the key. Hope your good progress continues and I look forward to reading the next installment!

  • Well done you, keep those spirits up your on the way to recovery. Hope your back to 100% very soon. My turn next Thursday.


  • You have to upbeat and positive . Life is too short , you only get one chance at this ! And always maintain a sense of humour , gets you thru the down days . Yes . It could be worse . Cancer is terrifying . The lady in the next bed has bowel cancer and my partner has had it .

    Sometimes I feel lucky that I know I have a heart condition , and it's being controlled . The alternative when you keel over doesn't bear thinking about . and I know because I had a stroke and was lucky to survive . I did , not everybody does


  • Great blog and great attitude.

    Take it easy now for next few weeks and be prepared for lots of odd beats but slowly settling down. Took me 5months before irregular beats stopped and good now for almost 2 years. So pecker up, everything crossed and best of luck.


  • I am so glad you have come through it all and are back in nsr. I hope everything keeps going well. Thinking of you and grateful for your posting. Anne

  • Thank you for sharing your post. I like many on this site will probably have an experience of this procedure at some point. I will definitely not be as apprehensive (terrified) now. Keep well...and once again thank you for sharing. Patricia.

  • Glad it is going well and keep up the blog (interesting even though I have already had my first ablation).

  • Well done, helped me to be braver if I need one in future! As sure I was told by some that you are conscious the whole time? So relieved not the case, get resting and back in full normal sinus rhythm for good 😀

  • You brave, brave girl, I am having an ablation on the 29th of this month and I feel as though you are holding my hand. Thank you

  • Hi Lisa, What an uplifting account. I had my second CV last month but eventually expect it to go back into AF. Been worried about ablation, spoke to Bob on this site about it. Your account is very positive and gives us all 'heart', excuse the pun!

  • Thank you all for the kind words . One week on now and I feel better every day !

  • Well done waiting for mine very nervous karen x

  • You'll be fine . 10 days post ablation and I'm walking 2 miles a day !

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