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Ablation blog part 3, and now for something completely different

All ready to go but , and it's a big but . Doc swings by and I sign the consent form , chat about drugs , pros and cons etc camera down throat to start with he says to check there are not clots lurking around the heart . Ok. So when did you last take your rivaroxaban ? Monday evening as requested says I . 48hours in advance . Bit too early he says , have to go back and discuss with consultant . Well I should have know then a bad omen was looming ! backs he comes an hour later . Ok. The anesatist ( ? ) has gone sick . We work as a team and we're looking for someone ! What , is there a pool of them ? Is it that easy ? This is my heart ! Plan B , we can fit you in on October 22, oh no you can't , I've got a 3 week holiday all sorted out , no way Jose !

I'll get back to you he says . 2 1/2 hrs later everyone in the bay has gone and I'm mentally bouncing off the walls . Another tip: bring your phone charger . Forgot mine Doh ! So just found out I'm still on the list but now at 1400 if they can find the knock out guy . Hare field being in the middle of nowhere is a long way to anywhere if I don't go in , I'm sticking with plan A then !

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How frustrating. Great to see you are coping with it and have retained your sense of humour. It's stressful enough without all this but hang in there and very best of luck 🍀



Lisa. I've been following your posts. What a carry-on! I do hope you are being sorted out now. I can't remember any of this with my 3 ablations ( London & Brighton ). Best Wishes Sandra


Good luck ive been following your post too, ive got my ablation in 2 months time, hope they can sort u out and u can get it over and done with, my AF drives me crazy and i feel like i can never be cured. Everyone on here all seems to be a lot older than me im only 36 and was wondering if theres anyone out there my age who has AF??? Let us know how u feel after op as i will be interested lots lol,

Steve 36 essex uk


unbelievable, except you are unfortunately living it!!! Hope all sorted out soon.


fingers crossed all has gone well!


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