Ablation blog part 2: today's the day

Well after seeing the doc last night for the question and answer session , he said he couldn't find my medical notes , did I have any letters with me !!!!! What ???? Panic . Fortunately I had a previous letter to my GP stating my history . I have t come this far to be sent home , no way . After more blood pressure INR tests , game of let's find the pulse, x now marks the spot on my foot . Because no previous bed owner ordered a meal I had a lunch box of goodies for diner, better than Easyjet ! 4 of us ladies in a bay for 6 all with heart conditions . Swapped stories till midnight then lights out . Tip ; take ear plugs and I remembered the the eye mask that someone else suggested , both a must . There is a bell alert system here and it's on and off all night! Take off your nail varnish ladies , I had to pick mine off ! Leave all jewelry at home . Woken at 5am for another blood test And to be told you're first in , gulp . Shower time with the lovely anti bacteria pink goo and yes , the hair gets it as well ! now feels like straw. Had a sip of water at 5 so that's it. Is it too late to run ?


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  • Oh, what fun! Running would not move you forward. All the best. We will be thinking of you and look forward to hearing all about it.

  • Well done so far. All sounds very familiar except there were five men in my bay --no ladies sadly. Had a celebrity one occasion which was fun. Which hospital are you in?

  • Oh go on Bob, tell all......

  • Lovely man, very posh, art critic. Nuff said.

  • Ah! BS. His initials Bob, not your tale.

  • Great car enthusiast as well. Spent many happy hours chatting . One of his visitors asked him where he got his accent . He replied "I got it from my Mother. " upon which the visitor told him that he was the only person who made The Queen sound common. The rest of us were biting our pillows with laughter.

  • I've had two ablations and will be thinking of you today and awaiting your news. Big hug.

    Jean x

  • Arr, Good luck you will be fine ,enjoy the rest afterwards.


  • Thinking of you now! Thank you for this blog, really helpful. I shall take my letters with me.........and have my hair cut shorter!

  • Humor really helps. So interesting to hear how things are done in UK compared to US. No pink germicidal soap shower or white knickers here. :)

  • Last time in hosp wasn't allowed to have a shower but was put on kamode and washed from head to toe in pink goo prepped for angiogram shaved and everything then cardio comes in says no to angiogram as I had one a few months before so had cardioversion instead you just never know

  • Sounds like you have a great attitude! I look forward to reading your later posts.

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