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Ablation Success

It's now three months since I had my ablation and I'm pleased to report that I'm feeling better than I've felt for years. It wasn't all plain sailing afterwards and below is a brief list of my journey to health.

26th June - had 2nd ablation with sedation only, this time to right atria, which took 6hrs.

27th June - Came home and spent the next three days feeling drained and having an afternoon nap.

1st July - Feeling good, but on going to bed decided to take off my electric blanket. Had awful pain in my chest and was worried that I was having a heart attack. Lasted about 15 mins (Have spoken to someone else who had the same thing after her ablation).

2nd July - Rang doc to talk about the pain I'd had in my heart and he said 'Just put it down to an experience' (with hindsight he was right). For the next five days I continued feeling drained, especially in the afternoons,

4th July - Awoke with soreness in my chest and decided it was caused by my warfarin being taken at night and affecting my stomach, so started taking it in the middle of my evening meal. That cured that.

8th July - Feeling better. Started going for countryside walks again (about 2 miles)

6th August - Heart started racing early this morning pulse went up to 120, which was loads lower than before ablation. Went to docs surgery for ECG and he said the beat was coming from an unusual source and sent a copy to my EP (never had any response from him). Heart raced for over 2 days and I felt drained for the next week. Started to doubt that my ablation had been successful and felt quite down

Thereafter I got better each day and for the last 6 weeks I've had no heart problems at all. I feel full of life and energy and am not on any medication. The last week or so, after a morning walk, I've even had energy in the afternoons which has been unheard of for years.

My EP is Guy Haywood at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth and I thank him and his fantastic team for giving me my life back. My GP has also been wonderfully supportive I would ring my surgery if I had a query and he would call me back within and hour or two. Yes, I feel that I'm a really lucky person. I hope I'm not tempting fate by writing this and wish you all well and thank you for your support.


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I'm really happy for you and thank you for your positive input .

I read your post fully , you gave me hope that I may feel better later

Wish you all the best and enjoy every healthy second of your life :)


Hi Maitha - Thank you for your kind words. I did write a response to you earlier, but it appears to have disappeared!!! If you get two messages from me you will know why.

I hope that one day, very soon, you too will be writing to say how well you are. I will continue to watch your posts and follow your story.

Wishing you well.



Wonderful outcome Jean. I have heard that your particular EP is very good and it sounds as though he has done well for you. Here's to your continued good health and some decent walks perhaps on Dartmoor (one of my favorite places). You certainly live in a lovely part of the country.

All the best.



Hi Dee - Thank you for your comments. I live in Brixham and there are so many walks to do in this area that I'm spoilt for choice. We used to take our children letter-boxing on Dartmoor (don't know if you've heard of that - bit like a treasure hunt but given map references you look for a hidden rubber stamp, to stamp your own book with to show you have found it). I know the walks in that area really well, having always been a keen rambler. Please make sure you let us know how you get on with your tests that are coming up 'very' soon.



So good to read your post Jean. You see I'm right in that there are a lot of funnies along the way aren't there. I don;t quite understand why doctors aren't better at warning patients what to expect. I was lucky in that after my second ablation I had (and still do ) access to a specialist arrhythmia nurse who I could e mail or ring if I had a worry.

By the way now I know you are down yere in the West Country how about coming to our next lunch ?. It will be sometime in November once I get over HRC in October. I will throw some dates about. once that is over. We meet at Woodbury Salterton near Exeter as being the geographic centre of the area and have people from Bristol (two couples) Penzance , Honiton and me from Barnstaple with some others in between.



Hi Bob - Thank you for your response. Yes, you are certainly right about the funnies along the way and I agree that doctors should perhaps make people more aware of them.

I'd love to come along to the next group lunch, please let me know when you decide on a date.

Thank you for being a Volunteer and giving your time to help support others on this site, such a kind thing to do, when you yourself are now better. Just to let you know that we all appreciate your words of wisdom.



I think Ablations are away forward for AF and a really good consultant. Long may it continue! mine nearly 2 yrs free of AF BLOODY ace(normal life at last.

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Great Post me hope for my fourth in November...x


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