Tablet change to Ambulatory Care part 2

Had my second Ambulatory Care appointment this morning. Was meet with a smile and treated like a human being. Took all the Obs and nice to see the heart nearly playing correctly moving heartbeat of 80 to 99 BPM (good old AF) blood pressure not as bad but still high. Only problem I have now I can hardly walk with pain in my left ankle and both feet, knees and hips!

Nurse told the doctor I was here and he asked for an ECG first. Ushered into another room and told to take my top off and stickers were attached when another person comes in and asks if the nurse wanted her to do it? The nurse concurred and a little readjustment of the pads and I was told to relax. A quick tear and then she asks me to take a deep breath hold and exhale. Once the paper started to print out the technician asked when did I have my heart attack? I told her "2004" "No the more recent one?" I said "I haven't as far as I know but I did have a nasty pain in the chest 5 weeks ago that woke me up" "Well I am sending these to cardiology anyway so we will see what they say as well?" Now that has put me in a great frame of mind as I thought the chest ache was my breathing?

Taken into see the Doctor, who seems to have mellowed from my previous visits. He asked me how I was feeling and I explained about my pain in the legs and that I have not seen any improvement in my breathing. He explained that the new tablets will control the heart rate and allow the Seretide to work better. However because of the multi conditions I have it will not help my breathing as my heart and damaged lungs are struggling to work together! He then asks me to remove my jeans and poked about with the joints and made me very aware how painful my ankle was! :( "Do you get gout?" I told him that I get it in my right toe knuckle? Take your top off and a listen around the chest and back. Nice and clear :)

Doctor tells me it would appear I have chronic gout in my legs and feet joints but I will need some blood tests to see. Have you been tested for Rheumatoid arthritis or has any of the family had it or similar? I told him that both parents died from leukemia and my sister has Lupus. "Both Parents that is unusual!" he then filled in the blood request and it looks like they are looking at a lot things my GP has refused to do. He told us to have the bloods ASAP and book another appointment. Once more at reception met with a smile and she said that they will call me with a date. I told them I am going to the blood clinic now. The nurse that was dealing with me said do not do that I will do them here now. She did a great job of the blood letting into 4 bottles and away we went. Once more the NHS has shown it cares!

Be Well

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  • Well, an interesting visit and a lot of sensible thinking all round by the sound of it. How nice to hear that some things are working well for you even if you have a far more complex situation than most of us. Keep us posted!

  • Thank you, I do not help them having many conditions that just keep growing?

  • Fab, so pleased you are finally getting somewhere, even though it may shine a light on things to add to a growing list of chronic conditions. I am sure all these things are linked somehow, don't know how but at least you are being taken seriously now. Best wishes CD

  • Thank you for your comments.

    The hospital doc said just that at least they will be able to rule things out. As my heart and lungs seem to be deteriorating my skeletal problems are becoming worse. So maybe proving a good pumping oxygenated blood flow helps feed the body to do it's own repairs?

    Be Well

  • There is also a link between bone loss and artherosclerotic disease - "it is as if calcium seeps out of our skeletons and into our tissues". Atul Gwande - Being Mortal.

  • Hello,

    I read your post with interest and then re-read...Especially the muscular skeletal problems which you are experiencing... I also have quite debilitating pain mainly in feet,ankles,knees and hips my GP puts down to long term diagnoses of Fibromyalgia my own thoughts are that it is more to do somehow with the Heart function...I have had a recent bone scan which shows normal bone density..

    I am pleased your Hospital visit proved to be productive and I sincerely hope you get some respite from your discomfort very soon...


  • I read on an RA site that sometimes Fibromyalgia is diagnosed instead of RA have you had the RA blood test?

  • Wow what a hospital visit, at least they seem to be looking in depth into things for you and showing you some decent care. Good luck and hope they get you a good quality of life.


  • Thank you for your kind words. Me too ;)

  • Wow what a visit. It's great news to hear some joined up thinking at last. I'm sorry you have so many things to put up with though.x

  • Just need to see what the bloods come back with now, fingers crossed.

  • I'm glad they are looking into your issues so thoroughly, that's very reassuring. I take it they're checking you didn't have another heart attack? It's good to know they're on the ball and caring for you. I have an arthritic knee so you have all my sympathy...

  • Thank you for your kind words. I am waiting for a date for the cardiology so fingers crossed. If the tests come back with RA then I dare say I will be seeing a rummy specialist as well? My GP's will never manage dealing with another condition ;)

    Be Well

  • A couple of thoughts based on my own experiences with multiple conditions (but not as bad as yours for sure). These problems were interrelated/interfaced with the AF. I was particularly having problems with muscle pains, cramps and pains in the feet and the left ankle. If you want me to give more details I am quite happy to but don't want to overload the forum. You may have already addressed these.

    1) If you don't have one already buy a pulse oximeter. Useless for the pulse when in AF but it will tell you your SpO2 (oxygen levels). My GP suggested this in Feb and in may case threw up that mine was in range 89% to 95% for over 90% of the time. For a normal person it should be 98% to 99%. My physio said that effectively my muscles, etc were suffering from oxygen starvation.

    2) I had pains across both my feet over a year ago and very little movement in left ankle. Investigated separately and part of the problem was due to bad walking and special insoles made. Also had intensive physiotherapy. Both those helped but however did not solve it.

    3) Because private healthcare had run out due to being made redundant I had to arrange physio and went privately to an independent (as I had heard she was very good and as this was cheaper) rather than the private hospital I had been at. The new physio provided unexpected benefits. Partly because I was new she did an assessment from scratch but also she is a physio who focuses on a holistic approach and assessed my whole body (and foods, supplements, etc). This threw up the fact that in my lower back (not right at the pelvic area / base) I had significant movement restrictions (I was unaware of this) and she has worked on this. This has made a significant difference and I am very rarely getting cramps and pains in my legs and those in my feet have reduced significantly - ie a lot of my problems were caused much higher up than where I was experiencing them.

  • I am always open to any suggestions. As I was diagnosed in 1992 with AF. I have been though all sorts of trials and have found my body does not like many drugs. The first time an Ablation was mentioned there were only 2 hospitals that did them and they had a 85% failure rate on them. The Person that did my first Ablation taught the person that did my third in a different local hospital. I know things are moving in the right direction all the time, which is a good thing. As for your points.

    1: I have had an oxymeter for some time and it is a useful bit of kit except when I am in Crazy AF ;)

    2: I was a Black Belt Karate instructors for 17 years and was in my bare feet a lot of time. I used to run on grass bare foot and also play squash bare foot. I have over the years had a few knocks and breaks in the toes which why a lot of the arthritis is there I presume? it was not until 2008 that the gout appeared, however it is not to many days after an attack that my chest always gets gooey? I did try plates but they in fact made walking more painful.

    3: My 3 Compression Fractures are a little lower than my shoulder blades and are now "Solid!" my physio said. It appears the lower back is painful because of my gait when walking is rocking my hips and lower spine which is worn. The Cramps I get are from the heart drawing oxygen from my legs to support the more important organs when under stress. I have been told in my first PR class and confirmed by a consultant. I always get good reviews on my posture so I think I am doing something right :) I do use a gym ball to sit on which always helped after my hospital stays.

    Be Well

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