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Had my Ablation yesterday

9 years after first going to my GPS i finally had Ablation yesterday.

I just wanted to say that it's nothing to worry about. I don't like hospitals and I'm extremely squeamish (for instance I feinted when the procedure was being explained at the pre admission appointment!). I arrived at the hospital at 8.30am and was first on the list prep didn't take long and the Dr and nurses were sensitive to my squeamishness. The cryo ablation took 2 hours, them putting the wire into the groin was a mild dull pain and pressure. The ablation caused was strong pulses in my chest which were uncomfortable but not particularly painful. The doctor and nurses in the theatre were all great and before I knew it I was back on the ward.

A few hours later my parents collected me and took me home to my wife and 2 year old daughter for some big hugs. This morning I feel great, no pain in chest or even my groin. I'm taking it easy for a week so the groin wound can heal but after that I was surprised that the doctor said I could go straight in to cycling again without any danger to my heart.

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So am I. Please take it easy for as long as you can. Doctors haven't had ablations so do not seem to understand that it take time and the slower the recovery the better. I ruined my first two ablations by going balls out too soon.

We know that it takes at least three to six months for the heart to heal and all the scar tissue to form so you will have some blips along the way so do not be dismayed when this happens. You may also have some other odd symptoms in the coming days such as migraine aura but again this is quite normal. AF Association is preparing a booklet on recovery after ablation but this will not be ready to help you. Ask us here if you are worried about anything and for goodness sake REST. TV remote ONLY first week and second week you can make the tea. Then go forward slowly and listen to your body.


Bob knows what he is talking about so please take his advice to heart,sorry for the pun. You clearly are young but need the time to heal try not to be impatient to return to full activity it could set you back so rest, rest and more rest, honestly it's really important.

You have the rest of your life to get back to activity and enjoy your young family, please don't set yourself back by overdoing it in the early stages. Best wishes.


Oh well done you!

It does sound much scarier than experience doesn’t it?

Thank you for posting as it really helps those on the waiting list.

Do go carefully and heed Bob’s warnings, slow and gradual increase activity.

Very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


All mine have been totally under. Sort of wish i could have been aware as to see all the fun tech used.

They did the cryo for PVI was any RF done on other areas? Usually there are other hotspots and RF is used on them.


I had my ablation 20 days ago and like you I felt fine with no pain afterwards. I did have the migraine headaches and palpitations (which I still have but not quite so frequent) I tried to push myself to soon as I felt fine but after a day shopping I had the worst AF episode I have ever had think that was a warning to me to not try and do to much to soon. I went back to work today after 3 weeks of rest. I'm 41 And thought cause I was quite young I would heal quicker but my body gave me a sharp reminder that I needed to rest. Good luck and I hope that the ablation is a success. Rest, rest and more rest. 😁

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Thanks for the wise words, I'm the same age as you and because all the doctors and nurses I've seen had said ages was on my side I perhaps am being too cocky about it.

I'm self employed and main breadwinner so unfortunately 3 weeks off is not an option but at least it's mainly a desk based job.

Good luck to you too


I understand if your the main bread winner. Just go at a slower pace. 😂. All the best and let's hope we both have success. 😁


Couldn't see much (and didn't want to) when on the table, although could see the x ray screen with the 2 wires. My reveal device made it difficult for them to see what was going on.

I've had a short Migraine aura today but otherwise all is still good. Perhaps I sounded a bit gung ho earlier not planning of starting 3 hour rides next week! Ease back in to it in time for summer, just happy that after reading some other accounts describing feeling tired and having flutter etc after I've so far felt great. I know there's some way to go yet...


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