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Home yesterday after my AF ablation


Hi folks, came home yesterday after having my ablation for AF. Stayed in hospital overnight, was in theatre for four hours. Had a transoesophageal echo as well to check for clots in my heart before the procedure. Consultant said the procedure was successful. I feel a bit knocked about but am taking it easy. So good that this has been done - it is 14 months since I went on the waiting list! I know it's very early days but my heart has been nice and steady since I had it done. Lancashire Heart Centre in Blackpool - lovely people.

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Congratulations! Wishing you a nice peaceful recovery and fingers crossed for the future 👌

Thank you! I'll keep you updated.

Hope you are soon feeling the good effects of your ablation. Don't forget to take it easy for the first week or two .

Best wishes


Thanks Jean. I will.


Well done Now rest and read our fact sheet on Recovering from Ablation.

TennysonBear in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob and I've already read it. I promise I'll rest. x

Excellent! Very happy for you that this is over and you are back home. Yay! You did it😊

Thanks for that - put a smile on my face! 🤗

All the best - just take it slow, steady and stop doing before you think you need, recovery takes longer than you think. Best wishes for a great result CD

Thanks CD for your advice and kind wishes.

Glad everything went well,heres to a quick recovery and a great end result.Take care of urself 😷😉

Many thanks. I'm taking it easy. Going for a siesta in a minute!

So pleased you’ve had it done. Don’t do what I did! Take it easy and be kind to yourself. I’m 3 months post my ablation and apart from the occasional ectopic I haven’t really experienced any AFib.

Rest up x

Congratulations on your ablation, I had mine in April. Do not be disheartened if you have any Afib episodes or fluttering in the next few days and weeks. Your heart has been aggravated and will take months to heal and form scar tissue. I was free from Afib for a few days and then had two episodes lasting 12 or more hours. It stopped on its own. Build up your exercise (I walk dogs) slowly after the first 2 weeks, half an hour slow walking up to my usual 1 hour walk, 2 times a day. Listen to your body, if you feel tired then stop. Rest. Rest. Rest. I am now almost 5 months on, feel fabulous and am waiting to see the Cardiologist to come of Atenolol. I stopped Flecainide 4 weeks after my ablation. All the best, hope you feel as good as I do.

All the best with your recovery. I had my ablation last month and feel great, hope you have the same result. 😊

Great news. To feel better right away is wonderful. May you continue to enjoy a peaceful, smooth functioning heart.

I was told in April that the list had slipped a couple of months. I was given twelve months wait back in November last year, so it's looking like January for me. How much notice did you get of the date please?

Take it very slowly during your recovery, and let the damage heal well. I hope you never have AF again!

Excellent! Well done.

Good for you. I see my EP on Tuesday for a three month follow up. So far so good! Just a few little hiccups the few days after the ablation.

Do take it easy!

Well.done now take it easy!

So good to hear someone else with same problem as me has had a successful ablation. Had mine last October & all went well. Congratulations & good luck for the future.

Many thanks Sportfix. Good luck to you as well.

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