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Gloucestershire lunch part 2 (now dinner)

Now that we're probably going for an evening meal get together, how does one night during the week beginning 24th August sound? Also which night would suit best? I'm thinking The Queens Head at Longford as a possible venue as it's fairly central, and an early evening booking, say 6.15pm for 6.30pm, so that it won't necessarily be a late night.

Any other suggestions ... dates, venue etc all welcome.

All the best, Kate

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Sounds good to me. I could do Mon, Tues or Thurs that week. Many thanks for organising it.



Fabulous Kate

It would be great to get these meetings going around the whole country..

Now there's Bob D in Devon, me in "The Smoke" and now you in Gloucestershire really good news, and well done.

Be well



Thanks Ian, great to have your support and such a lovely post.

Think it was you and Bob D doing it previously that spurred me on to think about suggesting it, and I'm chuffed to bits that so many folk have replied.

Perhaps this could become a trend?



Hi Ian wonder if anyone in lincolnshire would have the same idea, there must be some af people here? come on let's hear from you Sann

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I'm from Lincoln but emigrated to japan 2 years ago. Used to live on monks road


Hi there, well fancy you living on Monks R d I use d to live in Belmont street and went to the school on Monks rd,what a small world we live in. May I ask why you went to live in Japan, and do you think the Jaoanese are more clued up about AF ? Regards Sann


I used to live on Spa Street, just over the road.

I met and married a Japanese woman plus I teach English as a foreign language.

I'm not sure on the AF from, I've just had an ablation here. Every major city has an EP clinic, my city has 2.

That said cryogenic ablation is relatively new here, where as in the UK it's quite common.

The care and service I got for my ablation was excellent and so far so good. Privately, without insurance it would cost 1000 pounds sterling which is quite reasonable.

I had to pay 20% as I have insurance.


Just started to write you a reply and pressed the wrong digit so if this appears twice sorry. So you lived in Spa St well I used to go playing on the ruins (where the bowling green is) many moons ago( I'm 80 now) . I think that is where my cardio isn't bothered with me, I'm due to see him in Sept, but. Can honestly say he hasn't done much at all, I am on Sotolo and Dabagantrin, also have a Pacemaker. When I haven't an Af I feel absolutely fine, but when in af I am just useless, weak faint etc.glad of this site though I have learned such a lot from it and the people are very kind. Sann


Hi Kate, I can make any evening that week, but I don't finish work until about 5.45pm so I may arrive a little late.


Hi Cyril, I can always make the booking for a bit later. The time was only a suggestion so rather that than anyone stressing over getting there on time.


Thanks Kate, that would be good for me but don't make it difficult for others on my account.


Hi Kate

I can do any night that week too. Looking forward to meeting you and thanks for organising



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