Southern Nosh n Natter

Calling all Southern AFers

Hoping to get a few together for a lunch in March on a Thursday or Friday lunchtime 10/11, 16/17, or 23/24th March at a venue in Gunwarf Quays (easier for IOW members).

Any takers/votes for date and favourite venue (ideally one of the slightly quieter ones!)

Please send me a message with your preferences



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  • Yes Clara, I could do that, any of those dates.

  • Thanks

    Can you send me pr message so I can keep up with responses.


  • Hello, dependent upon date I might be able to join you, will be interesting to see how many other of us `Southerners` declare an interest. As you probably know already though, finding a quiet venue inside the Quays could prove difficult! :o). Hope it goes well anyway.

  • Hi

    About 5/6 replies so far - can you send a private message please so I can keep up with responses


  • Hya ... how do I send a private message?

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