Taking my medicine abroad

Hi, I am travelling to menorca in 3 weeks. First time abroad with PAF and very nervous, more so because it popped up last night at 5am, 4 weeks since the last episode...thought I was doing so well!! Just a quick question........ will there be any issues taking my flecainide through customs etc? Sorted all the travel insurance out ( LV which was very reasonable! )

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  • Hi Jimmy

    You can take medicine through customs but I always think of two things.

    1) Make sure the packaging has the prescription on in your name, sometimes they give you two boxes one with and one without, use the one with.

    2) Carry with you a copy of the prescription, your pharmacy can print the last one for you, so that they can see these are the drugs prescribed.

    Lastly carry enough spares in your check in baggage to keep you going for say 3 days, just in case the hand carry gets lost.

    More details here




  • Do I need a fitness to fly certificate? just saw something on first choice website?

  • Not usually unless you have had a recent operation or have an "unstable" medical condition.

    I've just returned from 3 weeks in China, about 6 flights, 6 or 7 train journies umpteen taxis, buses and Metro rides. Just go and relax, if it pops it pops it would have popped in the UK, at least you will be in the sunshine. In any case if you relax it's less likely to "pop"

    Be well


  • Thanks Ian, appreciate the advice

  • That's my boy! Great comment Ian.

  • I've been through customs/security many times with my AF medication in my hand luggage. No-one has ever taken the slightest notice of it! Hope you have a great holiday.

  • Hi, you will have no trouble taking your medication through. Little tip though, I put individual packs into several different locations. Case, hand luggage, partners bag etc....

  • Take it ALL in your hand luggage!! Never let it out of your sight ! ( tip from a friend who lost her medication in her suitcase!)

  • Yes. I am with all the people who say take your meds. in your hand luggage.Also, do not forget to take them....esp. the Warfarin or NOAC. That may sound a silly thing to say but your routine may lead to errors I have been known to forget due to the enjoyment of new places .

    The main thing to remember is that life is for living

  • Over last 14yrs diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis,I have travelled a lot abroad,now diagnosed with AF,I have nearly a bag specifically for medication!

    Never had any problems with any countries,not even looked through!(not even Middle East )

    I always take a copy of my prescription,

    Enjoy your holiday!

  • No problem with taking medication - I had more of a problem with an ice cube in a jug of Sangria!! That will teach me to gulp the last of a cold drink in a hurry! I went into AF, but watched the world go by and sat on the beach until it reverted to NSR. Didn't spoil the holiday at all.


  • Should put that on emmerdale!! LOL

  • There should be no problem with med 's I went to Cyprus in Jan and Istanbul in Feb had no problem , what ins company did you use as I am planning on going to India for Xmas health permitting of course and need to start looking for ins, enjoy your hols !!

  • I used liverpool victoria but i had lots of reasonable quotes, allclear gave me a decent quote and even bupa!! LV was £58 for a family of 6. I also have asthma as does my daughter.

  • I had my first PAF diagnosis 3 days before a trip to Rhodes. I can understand why you feel a bit anxious. We went ahead with our trip then and in the 8 year period since we have been to New Zealand and USA, as well as closer destinations. I have had the occasional short episode when abroad but by avoiding getting too anxious about it and, as someone has already said, making sure I took medication at the right times, I have coped without needing medical assistance. If your doctor is fine with you going, just get on with it and enjoy yourself. With any luck you will be so busy taking in the experience, you won't have time to worry.

  • Thank your, will ring them up today!

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