Flying abroad with AF

My second cardioversion put me back in NSR for 21 days but yesterday, 3 days before I go to Spain on a one month holiday, my AF started up again. Any comments on what to do? Last year I flew to Corsica for 2 weeks with AF without any problems so I am tempted to continue with the holiday. I am on bisoprolol and warfarin. AF is declared on my travel insurance. Why should AF "put me off my stride".

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  • All in the mind really isn't it. If you are going to have AF it would be at least nice to be somewhere warm and relaxing! Remember many people are in permanent AF and live quite normal lives. Go for it and hang the consequences.

  • If your BPM isn't very high then you will probably be alright . After all many in permanent AF carry on as usual . I would reconsider with a fast rate.

    I would also check that your insurance company are OK with you having lapsed back into AF. If they are in agreement and you feel fine then go and have a great holiday !


  • Sandra is eminently sensible suggestting that you check with them.

  • Go and enjoy! Don't let the AF put you off your stride! I've enjoyed Alaska, Paris, the Caribbean, LA, and countless other locales all in AF. Is it more fun without it? Yep, but it's still great to live and enjoy your life. Send us a postcard!

  • hello, SRMGrandma, when you are in Afib are your episodes with a fast heart rate, how fast? also, is it safe to stay in a fast heart rate for a long time?

  • Thumb your nose at AF, go and enjoy!

    Last year (as in 2015) we flew over to Vermont for 10 days cross-country skiing and also to Greece for two weeks sailing. We are off to Lanzarote next week......just do it!

  • I am recently back from Thailand. I asked the communities opinion on trying a zip line in Chiang Mai. Received resounding support and a clear message not to let the condition rule life. I did the Flight of the Gibbon and loved it. Really inspiring to read of other travellers exploits with this condition. Go have some fun it will be good for you?

  • Spain has really good facilities if you need them. Well worth asking for help at the airports - other than that can you think of a really good reason why you shouldn't go?

  • I came back from Portugal at the beginning of December after a month there, I was in fast AF most of the time, it left me breathless and tired but the warm, balmy days in the sun as opposed to the bitter freezing winds whipping around my ankles made putting up with the symptoms much easier. The AF is going to do its thing wherever you are, and you never know you might just slip back into NSR. You've already declared your condition with your insurance company, why are you hesitating, make sure you have enough meds and go have some fun, don't forget to take pictures of the wonderful views and enjoy yourself

  • Agree with all the above. I fly about 6-7 times a year to our flat in Portugal where I've experienced AF several times. I just hole up until it slips back into NSR. We went to Australia and Venice last year as well and are flying to Australia again this year in March. I have a son and grandchildren there so it's the only way to get to see them properly.

    Fortunately I have yet to experience AF whilst flying or travelling to my destination - although it's inevitably in the back of my mind.

    Go for it - best wishes and enjoy!

  • Well what do you know!

    Went back into NSR on my own the day before I am due to fly out. AF is a strange old bird, you sometimes never know where you are with it. Will see how long NSR lasts this time.

    Thankyou all for your comments and advice.

  • Hi there. I was very interested in your post especially as I am due to go on a two week cruising holiday in the Med' soon. I am currently back in AF after a failed first ablation. You mention that you declared your AF condition to the insurance company but don't say whether it actually agreed to cover you for travel while in this condition.

    Prior to ablation while my AF was controlled by beta blockers I also declared my illness to Staysure Insurance. The company offered travel insurance but excluded cover for AF meaning I would have to travel at my own risk and, consequently, fund my own medical treatment if I had an attack which required medical assistance in a foreign country.

    It may be that you have a different, more understanding company handling your insurance if so, it would be a great help to me - and other prospective AF travellers - if you could please provide further details.

  • I have travel insurance with Fish Insurance. I phoned them up to confirm I was coverered. They said yes, as I had previously decclared my AF to them, even though I was still undergoing further investigation. Staysure said they would not cover me as I was a new customer still undergoing investigation. I am now back from Spain having had a great time despite 2 bouts of af that corrected themselves.

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