Post Cryoblation

Having suffered with paroxysmal AF for 8+ Years I finally took the plunge when I was offered Cryoblation. Technical advances mean a shorter procedure under GA. so 6 Days post procedure and feel great apart from migraine type headaches, although they are not everyday. Feel elated with no runs of AF and can now sleep on my left side. Stopped Flecenide but still taking Atenalol and Warfarin. Glad I did it!

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  • Good news. The migraine is due to the transeptal puncture and quite common. they will pass in a week or two. Take it easy now.


  • Good choice, good news, Goodluck!

  • I'm 6 months down the line and have had some unpleasant ectopic runs and one very short AF run of an hour. All after an initial period of calm. I seem to be fine at the moment, the odd ectopic but no AF. My heart rate was high post ablation, 85-95 bpm. It is now 65. So don't assume that there is a problem if you get this too. Best decision I made in the last 5 years of this journey.

  • Hi, yes my heart rate is low 90s so was a bit concerned. Also been told that the migraine type headaches should settle in a few weeks. All good really and so glad I did it after all these years.

  • what makes it cryoblasion. I have had three ablasions so glad you are doing well!

  • Cryoblation freezes the tissue. No idea why it's not use more often. It had more appeal than the alternative!

  • Good for you Sue, so glad it's going well for you. Can I ask where you had your Cryo done as it doesn't seem to be available here in the N/W of England to my knowledge.

    The procedure appeals to me being a 70+ man suffering PAF for the past 3 years, I hear that the procedure is quicker and less invasive. Love to get rid of PAF, Fecainde and meds.

  • Hi, I had it done in Bristol. I've been offered the normal ablation many times, even at harefield and Barts, but I've never had the courage. When I was offered the cryoblation it felt right so I just went for it! I'm off the flecanide but taking atenolol and warfarin for the next 3 months then need to see after that. Having put it off for years I'm over the moon! Sue

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