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Hi all ,

Had the pulmonary vein isolation Monday morning all was going well till he came to put me into af to see if things had worked ,then he had to cardio vert me twice and give me flecainide to bring me back to sinus rhythm ,then he did some more ablation to the roof ?, he told me he thinks I will be back ,I woke Tuesday with a tight chest ,sore throat ,fuzzy head and mild pain when I swallow food about mid chest area ,he's leaving me on my meds and omoprozole too so not sure if it was worth it at the moment but I suppose time will tell cheers Paul

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  • All sounds quite normal to me Paul. Lots of rest and don't hurry things. I take it this was RF not cryo since he was able to draw a line.

    At least you know what to expect if you do need another ablation so worth the effort and may well reduce your symptoms quite a bit anyway. It is normal to stay on drugs for at least three months to allow the heart top heal in a more calm environment.


  • Thank Bob , just a bit sore and anxious as to wether alls well now , I'm off work for two/ three weeks now and still resting in bed at the moment ,thanks for your reply cheers paul

  • Sorry Bob yes your rite rf ablation cheers paul

  • Hi Paul

    Its very early days yet, the first three months is considered to be a blanking period to judge the success or not and there was a 1 in three chance of needing a a second go.

    Some episodes of AF and other palpitations are pretty common in the first weeks.

    I also had the chest discomfort after the procedure and was advised it was mild perecardites which would pass in a couple of days - which it did.

    Take it easy your heart needs time to heal.

    All the best


  • Thanks Dave, I'm still resting in bed didn't sleep much in hospital my back was thrashing me too , fingers crossed it may have helped things if it doesn't get rid of it anyway , thanks for your reply cheers paul

  • Good luck with the recovery and as Bob says it all sounds normal and its early days

  • Thanks elbows , yea I did read everything before going for it but it's still good to here it from the people who's has it done done thanks for the reply cheers Paul

  • Hi Paul

    Glad you are back home. Rest easy and I am sure the outcome will be good if not perfect. Don't judge success now, wait a while. I am sure you will be glad to have had the ablation and will be up for another if necessary to finish the job!

    It's a waiting game now. Don't stress and recover well. Be kind to yourself for a week or two.

    Take care.


  • Hi Debbie , thank you im resting easy my wife as bed bound me for a week lol ,its very boring tho when I'm never one to laze about but suppose needs must , I've got a thick head most of the time at the minute think it may be the general aneasthetic still , a bit of a tight chest and a bit sore in the groin area , I'm very surprised how small the entry marks are tho two little nicks on each groin , healing up well and no bruising at the moment neither , thanks for your reply cheers Paul x

  • Hi Paul

    Ive been waiting to hear how you got on as the ablation was meant to be a good one ( on my birthday). Im having one friday but with out an OH to bring me tea......

    Yes take time to heal. No rushing. Thank you for your feedback on this as although you are in discomfort at the moment it greatly helps the next patients like myself to know what to expect.

    onwards and upwards Paul.

  • Hi moonstone , it was over as soon as it had begun really , I was wheeled down , the lines put in for drip and aneasthetic taken into the room , lots of big sticky pads put on me then put to sleep ,woke up all done , back home the next day a bit sore here and there but feeling better by the day , I was fine until they took me in then I was shaking all over the shop lol just nerves , at the end of the day it's a step further to getting this sorted , get everything ready at arms reach for when you get home snacks ,drinks ,iPad, medications etc hope all goes well for you wishing you all the luck in the world cheers Paul 😋😋

  • Hi Paul,

    Take it easy and rest up. I take it that you had the procedure with Dr Stafford.

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Barry , yes had the procedure with Dr Stafford , he's one straight talking guy lol ,he told me he thinks I'll be back for more has he did the pulmonary veins that was good but I was still going into af so he did the roof and septum? Then had to cardio vert me twice and give flecainide to get me back to rythme , he said he will do mapping next time ? , anyway I'm recovering ok at the mo thanks Barry 👍😊

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