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Well back home from having my Ablation done today. I was really anxious about what to expect but I needn't have bothered as it all went really well. I was treated so well by all the doctors and nurses. Before the procedure I was sedated and I felt great, Was lay there thinking when are they going to start. But the next thing I realised was they already had the apparatus in my heart doing there stuff. Felt so relaxed I was even watching what was going on on the monitor. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort and more importantly the ablation worked. I have a heart rate of 60 and it feels amazing and such a relief. Would like to thank Dr. Fox and all his staff at Wythenshaw Hospital for there amazing work Thanks to all the people who offered advice and best wishes on this forum. And anyone currently in AF remember there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • That's great news Andy. I thought it was fascinating when I had mine under sedation. 2nd one was under GA and I just woke up in bed and missed it all :-( .


  • Thanks Koll, I completely agree. I was nervous but as soon as I was sedated felt great. Bit groggy and tender today though!

  • Well done. Now rest and take plenty of time before you even think of doing much. You may get some odd goings on but this is normal as I am sure they will have told you. Three months at least before the heart is healed.


  • Thanks Bob, had a little flutter this morning which was a bit scary as I never want AF again. But they did say this was to be expected. Feel like I want to do some light exercise but suppose I will have to take it easy a bit. Didn't know it took 3 months to properly heal though.

  • My Arrhythmia nurse told me to do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second and only then to think about gradually starting up again. A gentle walk is fine but anything else would be foolish.


  • Ok Bob, appreciate that , will take it easy. Want this to be a long term fix.

  • Fairly sure my first failed because I went balls out from day two. Walked up to the top of my garden which is about 100feet above the house and ended up back in A and E. Stupid boy.

  • Bloody hell! That was my first thought to go for a walk.

  • Yes but this is North Devon and flat is anything less that 1 in 4! lol My garden is a series of terraces rising 100feet up and on a good day I am puffed at the top. A gentle walk on the flat should be no problem.

  • So pleased for you, well done. Plenty of rest now and take things slowly. Heres to an excellent outcome for you.

  • Thank you! Yes getting the impression that I've got to take it easy. Best wishes

  • Great news Andy. Take care for the next wee while.


  • Thank you, I'm really happy this morning

  • Wonderful news. Sedation is scary to me especially the TOE. Always had GA's

  • Thank you! I was anxious about the sedation too, more so than the procedure. But I have to say it was completely fine. Was so relaxed I watched some of the procedure on the monitor and that is so unlike me. Bad headache and groggy today but had side effects from GA too. All the best

  • Hi Andy, hope all remains successful.

    Just to warn you, I was in NSR for a couple of weeks after ablation, then had a short AF run followed by a couple of months characterised by a series of quite unpleasant ectopic runs.

    However all seems to have settled down now and I am hardly getting any disturbances 6 months post procedure. I am only on warfarin and I've got my life back.

    The decision to ablate was one of the better choices in my AF journey and should the condition return, I will be first in the queue for a 2nd procedure!

    I also had severe migraines for a couple of weeks after my ablation which you seem to have avoided.

  • I understand that the migraines, sometimes pure aura and sometimes with pain are a result of the trans septal puncture when they go from the right atrium to the left. Not sure why but that seems to be the reason.


  • Thank you! Had a palpitation this morning and it was a bit scary as I never want AF again. But I have to understand that this may happen. Not had migraines yet but started with headaches. I agtee with you about the ablation procedure, I was cardioverted and it only lasted a month. Seems a short term remedy. All the best

  • That's really good news that you have not only had it done but feel good. As Bob says you have to take it easy.

    I would be very interested to know what the differences people felt after with sedation or G A.

    Have a nice rest. ..

  • Thank you, I was sedated yesterday and felt great during the procedure, surprisingly, as I was quite anxious. Never felt any pain at all but huge credit to the staff for that as well. Side effects have been, bad headache's, feeling sick and groggy. Had GA for my cardioversion and the side effects for that were- I felt fine afterwards but my stomach got really bloated and I had breathlessness and it took a couple of weeks to pass. Hope this is helpful.

  • Well done.

    Take it easy as it takes time for the heart to heal.

    I was told the first three months is a blanking period so don't be too surprised if you get the odd blip within that period - I understand its quite normal.

  • Thank you, they told me 7 days but I'm getting the impression from people's comments that it takes up to 3 months. My natural thoughts are to get exercising but I will probably have to take it easy.

  • Hi - I am having a ablation for atrial flutter in August but am in two minds about having ablation for atrial flutter ( having had a stroke in2010 - because I had been taken off warfarin) because of the risks associated with ablation for atrial fibrillation.

    I realise the decision is mine - but what a hard one

  • Hi, sorry to hear you had a stroke. Very surprised you were taken off warfarin too. I've been on it a couple of years and never had any problems at all. The doctors always say it does exactly what it says on the tin. I agree. I don't know too much about the risks, as you have stated because I didn want to look too much into things and worry myself about having the ablation. I was just desperate to have it done as I felt so bad and wanted my life back. regarding the ablation procedure you have nothing to worry about. I have had more discomfort at the dentist. it was pain free. Hope everything goes well for you.

  • Thank you Andy - I'll have the flutter ablation then decide about atrial fibrillation ablation - maybe I should just do it - ho hum - have a good day 😀

  • At the time when I went in for a cardio version my heart was in NSR so they took me off warfarin & reduced bisoporal - mistake - two months later had stroke - not allowed to return to teaching - ill health retirement at only 52

  • Oh no! That's terrible. The affects AF has on people's lives is unbelievable. I too was took off warfarin at some point and had a particularly bad AF incident not long after. The doctors in ER wanted to cardiovert me but I refused as it seemed rushed. I went down the warfarin route again and was successful cardioverted again ( although only lasted a month)

  • Hope all is good Andy 😀

  • Hi Andy - It's good to hear that all went well. It's such a great feeling to be in normal rhythm isn't it. Long may it continue.


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