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Re: Ambulatory Care Part 3 received a letter today!

I got a Letter today from my 3rd Ambulatory Care visit to my GP's which I have been cc'd into. It was all of what I expected until I got to the second page. I have been diagnosed as having Vitamin D Deficiency on top of those already confirmed. This goes a long way to explain why the RA test was OK but I was still suffering pain in my joints and bones. So when the GP practice called me in to discuss all the blood tests I have had, which turned out they were more interested on why I had so many. They seem to have a no test policy if they can get away with it. They mentioned the liver and kidneys but nothing about the VIT D Deficiency ? Which it seems can affect the kidneys?

I am now in a position do I wait and see if they read the letter and act on it. It can take anything up to a week for them to scan it into their system. Call them and ask to speak to someone with regards to the letter I have in front of me. Or just get myself some Vit D and also Vit K2 as they seem to be needed hand in hand.

As some of you know I have a few heart problems as well and I happened to find this snippet that filled me with Joy...Not! "One study showed that vitamin D deficiency increased the risk of heart attack by 50 percent. What’s worse, if you have a heart attack and you’re vitamin D deficient, your risk of dying from that heart attack creeps up to nearly 100 percent!"

Be well

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I would ring and demand to speak to my doctor if I were you.



Called my GP's today got the usual engaged tone and then when you get though there is a long wait before anyone answers. My usual GP is on call so not available. As is my second choice so I am seeing one of the partners on Monday as that is the earliest appointment available. If he does not give me a good enough reason to why this was never mentioned I will be moving practices.


Give your doctor a ring no point in waiting, give them a nudge and get an answer.

My husband has been really quite unwell for some months and had numerous tests all coming back OK. However a couple of weeks ago he was given a VitD blood test and found he is almost depleted of Vit D. His treatment is a one a week high dose VitD capsule for 12 weeks then another blood test. If resolved he will then go onto a low dose VitD for life.

My doc tested me last week and I am borderline so have been given ADCAL D3 chewable tablets. However some medic, I cant remember who, said they were not suitable for people with heart arrhythmia's. I have not heard about low VitD increasing risk of heart attack.

Poor hubby has left ventricular dysfunction diagnosed in his 20's so am really pleased his VitD issue has been found. In just two weeks on his meds his terrible muscle pains and exhaustion have begun to ease. He had been struggling to get to work and coming home and going to bed up to this point. He is only in his very early 50's, it has taken a good length of time to get to the bottom of his issue.

I hope things are resolved for you with your doctor discussion very soon.



I do not understand why they do not do this test with the RA test as it will rule one or both out in one test?

I fully understand that the NHS is strapped for cash but in the long run it will find things out, and possibly if caught early enough be sorted out cheaper in the long run?

My last visit to AC the doctor saw me walk to the room and have an ECG but followed me into the room and watched the process. His first words were if I just took your first observations while rested I would of said there is not much wrong but now I have seen how badly you are walking only a short distance and the affect it has on your heart and lungs it changes things completely.

I also hope you both get sorted


take a vitamin D supplement and go out in the sun as you will manufacture your own Vit D in the sun


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