Tablet change to Ambulatory Care Part 4

What a day we had 14:00 appointment and we leave at 17:50. I am now in permanent AF and they have changed my tablets again to one that may not make me feel as bad as I do at the moment. He started off with my history and treatment. To ask why they did not do the Pace and Ablate I went though what they had done and then cancelled it. For him to say that he will have to ask why the did not do it and if there is no good reason have me have it. He is not happy with the way it is affecting my breathing as badly as it is and it seems I will only get my breathing to improve is to have my heart beat electronically as at the moment I am putting to much strain on it. He did say that it does also seem that there is fibrosis in the lungs once more compounding the AF etc.

I am on Bisoprolol 5mg but if my heart rate does not drop to a very close 90 BPM by Monday I have to change to 10MG but keep a check on my heart rate. I am back to 135 bpm at rest I will have to also wear another 24 hour holter monitor and see them again in 2 weeks or A&E earlier if it all goes pear shaped? Which filled me full of confidence.

Be Well

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  • You do have more than your share, Offcut. Let's hope firstly that the new tablets do what it's hoped they will and secondly that you have a reasonable fortnight with no trips to A&E. What a long afternoon. Do hope things go well for you.

  • Thanks. me too yes and it was so nice out side too!

  • I hope your health improves soon Offcut.

  • Me Too.

  • I send my best regards as there isn't much I can say is there.Good luck.

  • Thank you.

  • What tough times you are going through. Best of luck with new tablet regime.

  • I have my fingers firmly crossed.

  • Keeping everything crossed for you Offcut...Hope you get some respite from this discomfort very soon...


  • I am so SOB I had to drop off my courtesy car so I could get my car from the dealer after service and MOT. It has a slight incline and I had to stop twice before I got to the desk. My breathing is not great anyway as I have a few lung problems but at the moment I do not want to chance going anywhere.

  • How sweet it will seem when things improve.

  • As they say "It can only get better?"

  • You Certainly had a day of it, hope things improve for you soon.

  • Me too. Got it all again in 2 weeks!

  • My fingers are crossed that something is sorted out so you can be more comfortable. You certainly deserve a medal for patience and perseverance. X

  • Thank you. I only want to be sorted out.

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