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Its back

After no real episodes of af now had two long lasting ones in a week. Consultant took me off amiodarone and dabigatran (pradaxa) and statins in march. A week ago after an episode doc at ae put me on 5mg bisoprolol. Not seeing consultant until 15th June but wondering if will have to have endless tests again as have left bundle branch block and dilated cardiomyopathy and was meant to be having pacemaker. Over year now since initial diagnosis

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Sorry to hear that, hope it goes well with your consultant on the 15th.


Thanks. Been in af most of afternoon today but not going to ae as usually just admit me until heart rate goes down. Hopefully appt gets things sorted


Hello, sorry to hear the AF is back. Having taken Amiodarone in the past, I know it was good for getting my pre ablation PAF under control.

The Amiodarone stays in the system for up to 6 months after you have taken it so, I suspect that its beneficial effects may now be fading.

It was a long drawn out process for me before I eventually got ablation, sounds like you need an Amiodarone alternative.

Keep on to them.


I was prescribed Amioderone, for many years, for AF,

But it has many long term side effects, my thyroid was affected, now on thyroxine for life, made me very light sensitive, eyes and skin.. Could no longer sit in the sun..

Since found out, that it should only be used as a short term, med.

I have been off it now for 2 years, but the side effects, have remained..

Amioderone, is a horrible drug..

I was put on sotolol, eventually after trying other beta blockers, plus Warfarin.

I have had two ablation, most recent in April..

Had one short episode of AF,, but by no means do I feel. As if I'm completely free of these awful episodes.. Really bad headaches, and high BP

I finally got an APP to see my EP specialist, next month,

Hoping he can answer a few questions as to what went wrong, with the procedure, causing a Tamponade, and cardio version.

I would certainly not recommend Amioderone, for long term AF



I was due to have an ablation in August last year after being transferred to a more specialised hospital rather than my local one. My consultant at the Freeman wanted to just give me a pacemaker there and then but was overruled by a senior colleague thats why was put on the amiodarone. So back to square one. Will I now get an ablation or the pacemaker as it was my decision on that and after 3 months talking with family friends decided to go for it. At least at hospital next week so some decisions might now be made. Thanks for reply


Sorry to hear this Jules. Hope everything goes well on the 15th.


Thanks everyone for comments. Its just the feeling of going round in circles that gets to me but I know ill get sorted eventually and will get back to being the old me



Am new to this site. Have had intermittent Afib with left bundle branch blockage for 18 months. Am on 3.7 bisoprolol , aspirin and blood pressure medication. I went four months in sinus, but went back into Afib on Sunday. Last time it returned to sinus after 7 days. I live in Ireland and waited 12 months to be seen in cardiology clinic can you tell me what waiting lists are like for NHS patients in England?


Hi Isobelbrown

Pretty much the same, here in the UK,

For waiting to see any specialist.

A GP app where I live , can be up to a month wait..

I de died to go to see my heart consultant privately, as a one of, got an app for following week, cost £50.. Well worth it, as any tests he wants done, are through the NHS, and you certainly do not have to wait to long for them, I had my echocardiogram within a month, and a CT scan

I would advise this route,if you are frustrated waiting.. Good luck 😉


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