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Anti coagulants

I have suffered from AF for 7 years and have only ever taken aspirin as a blood thinner and have never taken an anticoagulant. I have now been prescribed an Xarelto as a anticoagulant as Consultant thinks I have had a TIA. This drug is still subject to additional monitoring.

I was prescribed this drug on Friday but I am terrified of taking it because of horrendous side affects that affect 1in 10 have patients have suffered from.

Is there anyone else on this drug ?

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I was prescribed this after unstable INR with warfarin, I have been on it for nearly a year and suffered no side effects at all, take it with food and you should be fine. Don't need any more checks personally but as you have had a Tia your Dr may be being extra cautious. Try not to worry sometimes that is worse and we can easily work ourselves up in to a frenzy! (well I can anyway)

Good luck,



I must Ive taken it for about 18 months and have had no side effects

at all. I think you will find lots of others on this site will tell you the

same thing. Good luck.

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Wendy and Shirley thank you for your replies.


I have been on Xarelto for about one year, i went from Wafarin to Xarelto - I had no side effects at all in that time.

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I've been on it for about 2 years.

No problem s at all.

Good luck. Just give it a go.



Two years and no probs at all. Virtually leading a normal life

You can always come off it.

The drug only stays in your system for 24 hours

But even then in all consideration, ANYTHING is better than a stroke

Good luck and go for it


Hi, Please don't be scared of taking this medication and do read the relevant NICE report on it. I was put on it 5 weeks ago after being on aspirin 4+ years, and had reoccurrence of AF 'flutter'. I have been fine on it, no noticeable side effects (possible diarrhoea 3 times after evening meal). BUT I'm having to go on Warfarin this week as GP insists Warfarin is the "tried and tested" one, and "there's no antidote to Rivaroxaban" but I know the real reason is cost! He said R costs £67 a month compared to Warfarin £1 a month. I felt I'd have no support anywhere so caved in and agreed to start Warfarin at anticoagulant clinic (who only support W of course) tomorrow. Good luck, and I wish you well. I wish I had your local health authority!


HastyHeart as far as I am aware NICE guidelines say that a patient cannot be refused a NOAC on grounds of cost, if you are already on it and doing well, can you not insist you stay on it? As you don't need testing when on Rivaroxaban you would not need 'support' as such, would not need to visit the clinic and thus save your GP practice money that way.


Hi Angiek

I have already quoted the NICE guidelines to the GP as regards costs etc. and he agreed I could indeed insist on staying on Rivaroxaban, but from his face/demeanour I sensed his disapproval if I did insist. He by then had already set up the process for the first Anticoagulant Clinic appointment which I'd received, and told me that they wouldn't want to know me if I weren't on Warfarin. I went to this appointment but was quite distressed and angry, and almost relieved to find out there wasn't enough time to start the swap-over before I went away last week from 13th to 17th May, with all the INR testing. I decided that I couldn't go against local NHS protocol i.e. everyone on Warfarin! So I agreed to go on it, and I start either tomorrow or Thursday. Thank you to all for this support.


I've been taking it for over 6 months and I've had no side-effects at all. I'm much happier with it than I was with warfarin.

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I started taking this earlier this month, it's been fine, no alarming side effects, no diarrhoea, no aches or pains and best of all no constant trips to the surgery to get my inr checked


Hello, been on this drug for over 2 years, no ill or side effects at all. Annual blood test to make sure things are still as they should be. It has to be worth a try, couldn't be do I ng with all the inconvenience and restrictions of warfarin. If xarelto doesn't suit you, there are others. Good luck, remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Lets know how you get on



I have been on Rivaroxaban for almost a year,no problems.

Feel relieved this will help prevent strokes,as Cardiologist told me straight

an AF stroke is devastating.

I find taking it in the morning with breakfast and other medication I never forget or miss one.

Please try it Chammer.



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