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Anti-arrhythmic Propafenone

I have been taking propafenone for some 8years since my PVI under a PIP regime.

My GP will no longer prescribe the drug on a repeat prescription basis and insisted that he referred me to my EP. My representations have been met with deaf ears as my GP now insists that propafenone is a 'specialist only ' drug. The category of propafenone , in my understanding has not changed for years and fail to understand what is the driver behind my GP's unwillingness to provide a repeat prescription. I now have to travel 40 miles to get the drug as it is prescribed through the hospital dispensary where my PVI was carried out.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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No and I whilst taking it rarely these days I first took propafenone in 2005! Why not write to your EP and ask him to write to your GP and instruct him to prescribe it. Your GP is technically right in that he should not so prescribe in the first instance but may do so under instruction. If you are taking it as PIP I guess that a packet would last several months at least so it can't be a cost issue.

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I take it regularly & not as a PIP & have no problem with repeat prescriptions from my GP. I agree with Bob get your EP to communicate with your GP & prescribe for you.


My EP has expressed mild frustration about my GP being unwilling to continue with prescribing my drug. However my GP insists that he does not have responsibility and does not wish to take up a shared care position as is his right.

Over the past two years my surgery has been taken over by the sons of the now retired GP's and would appear to be more cautious in accepting any responsibility.

My EP has suggested that he will make arrangements for my prescription to be dealt with by my local hospital to save me the journey.


Does the hospital you get it from have any contact with your surgery I'd blood results etc. I have been having problems getting some eye drops but now my surgery rings the clinic who prescribe them and the are sent to my surgery via the "blood van". A dam nuisance but there you go.



Any tests done at my hospital are sent as a matter of course to my GP. There has never been a communication problem between them.



eeerrr, that sounds silly. The original prescription should come from a specialist, my GP said that she couldn't initially prescribe my drugs (which was propafenone back then). But my EP prescribed it, and other drugs, and then my GP surgery has issued repeats ever since. Been years now.

Maybe a review should take place every now and again I guess, but not denial of repeat prescriptions?

Something wrong somewhere surely.


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Yes its as though my GP is taking a very cautious approach and is unwilling to take a shared care role for a specialist only drug. He has the right to.

My GP has been in post only n the last 18 months taking over the practice from his father who was willing to prescribe my drug.


My GP, here in the states, wanted me to see a cardiologist to get my propafenone renewed. I managed to talk him into renewing it, but I may lose the battle soon. I didn't like having to see the cardiologist every six months to get a renewal. More business for him and more cost to me and my insurer. I've been taking this for over five years. I'm afraid that if I am forced to see a cardiologist he will change me to something else and then I might have to contend with side effects like brain fog. Someone on sotolol complained about that.


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