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Hemorrhoids and Anti-coagulants

Sorry about the subject matter - look away now if you want.

I am on Edoxaban (and previously Dabigatran) and have hemorrhoids. I have bleeding on occasions and it usually stops fairly quickly. Today I have some bleeding, more than in the past, although I know a little blood in the toilet can look much worse than it is. The blood's red and not brown or clotted. I'm careful how I clean up and don't push too much.

I went to see my GP a while ago and he didn't seem concerned and gave me some cream. I haven't got the cream with me right now to apply.

Should I be concerned?

Do any other people suffer from this?

PS - Thanks to those who read this till the end :)

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I was just discussing this subject with my husband (retired doctor) yesterday. There are some great over-the-counter medications but which ones depend on whether the piles are internal or external. Suppositories such as Anusol, along with the cream can heal and prevent bleeding after a couple of days I believe. Also, anal fissures can cause a lot of bleeding and the same medications will help to heal that problem too if you have it.

I wouldn't be too concerned unless the bleeding continues but if I was in your shoes I'd ring a pharmacist (easier than facing them haha) and ask advice on which would be best for you. Good luck!


P.S. Fibogel or similar taken daily might help your problem long term.


Thanks Hilly22


I am on Warfarin and have had your problem.

I have now found a daily satchet of Macrogol has eased it and has made life much more bearable.



Don't be embarrassed. It's still a body part and worthy of our concern. Just want to add one important idea to all the other good suggestions. Whenever we have problems with our G.I. system I believe it's helpful to really try to avoid constipation. No matter where our particular problem occurs along our gut-even hemorrhoids, keeping the pressure from bloating, gas, pain, possible bleeding to a minimum will help minimize symptoms. 😊 Take care. And when any part of our plumbing is out of whack life is not comfortable! 😥😥 irina


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