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Had 2nd ablation yesterday but never straight forward

Turned up for 2nd ablation yesterday - INR 2.1 so went ahead at 1pm. 3 hours in lab and they said they consider it successful,

Had pre - prodecure worries outlined here

Thanks to all the support to get me to this stage.

but - once again went into AF during procedure and couldn't be sedated enough to be cardioverted. They gave me Flecainide - they worked after 13hr when I want into AF in Jan. I was kept in overnight and prayed I would wake up in sinus rhythm. Woke 7am ten silently sobbed into pillow - so disappointed - didn't need ECG to tell me still in AF.

Spent whole day wondering what will happen etc - none of my team on over weekend - arghhh

Wanted to come home if I could, AF 152bmp 8am & 135bpm 2pm & 115bpm 5pm. Another consultant said as long as I felt I could manage being in fast AF at home and I could come home if it stayed more like 120. If at 150ish at 5pm would have to stay in for weekend

Well I am home - wearing chest strap shows it is varying between 120-150 but chest does feel as if it is pounding like it was this morning. So back for INR on Monday & see if there is a place left on this Fri for cardioversion, if not will be the week after. They have upped my Bisoprolol from 5mg to 7.5mg for the meantime. This consultant said it wasn't a bad thing to leave some time before DCCV as allows some inflammation to reduce and scars to form (? correct)

Can't believe I have been this unlucky again- see post from last year

Discharge letters says radiofrequency ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (redo) via right femoral vein. Transeptal puncture. RUPV reisolated. Mitral isthmus ablation, roof line ablation. Devloped AF during procedure- IV flecainide given with little effect. Unable to sedate tp perform direct current cardioversion. Sheaths removed with manual pressure

Looks like its lots of rest in the meantime - sorry if I sound so pitiful - been really hard past month with uncertainty and 3 time a week INR's

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Hi, Just to say, I certainly don't think you sound pitiful at all. I have never had an ablation so can only say how much I feel for you.I do hope that things can get sorted next week, as you say make sure you rest, keeping my fingers crossed for you. Best wishes , Kath


Sorry to hear that you think your ablation doesn't appear to have been successful. During my 2nd ablation which took 6hrs, with sedation only, I was given two cardioversions and I'm wondering why you couldn't have had the same.

It's early days for you yet and I think you should wait to see if the scarring in your heart forms and blocks those rogue pulses.

I can understand how despondent you must be feeling, but let's give that scarring time to form.

Big hug and wishing you well again.



Did you suffer with gastric problems after yiur ablation Jean ?, as my second ablation was 5 hrs and I was very I'll for 9 months x


Hi Bev - Yes, I did for quite a long time afterwards. I would wake in the night with a sore stomach (only had it when in bed) and go and eat a banana and some natural yogurt which helped for a few hours and then back it would come. I put up with it for a while as I hoped to cure the problem naturally and then resorted to taking acid inhibitors which I had on prescription. Lansoprazole finally cleared it up along with giving up eating yogurt and porridge. I think it was someone on here who recommended not eating yogurt as it made his stomach sore.

By the way I have always taken my warfarin mid breakfast, if I don't that can make my stomach sore. Certainly can't take it at night.

About 18 years ago I started taking magnesium tablets and that's when all my stomach problems began. Having my 2 ablations set my stomach off each time.

It's fine now.

Hope this is not too garbled.



Thanks for your reply Jean, I'm going yo cancel my ablation on Wednesday as I just can't face going through the gastric problem again, I want to see another cardiologist to get a second opinion, I wish they could do something other than ablation xx


Hi Bev - Before my first ablation I was so tired I couldn't do a lot. Afterwards I had more energy and whereas before my heart had banged in my chest, when I walked up hills, that went and they were so much easier for me. If you want to talk to someone before making your ablation decision private message me and I will talk to you on the phone, I have free calls. I would not sway you either way, but would tell you honestly about my experience. To send a private message, click on my icon above and then in the right hand corner of the screen you will see where you can send me a message.



Hi. It's not unusual to be given cardiov after ablation if AF not immediately settled. Sometimes they have to do that to get you into sinusr after the ablation. It does not mean the ablation has failed. After the cardiov, if successful, its feasible that the ablation could be successful.

Sorry the experience was difficult but you are on the right road.

Well done.



Oh very disappointing for you. The procedure must stir things up a bit so i hope you find an improvement on previous state when all settles down.It looks as if they will have improved things ( re-isolation bit of report) so try and hang on in there and hope for improvement when your heart settles down again


How upsetting for you. I hope things settle down soon, give yourself time and not pitiful at all. We all know how you must be feeling. ((hugs))



Thanks for all the well wishes and replies.

I don't consider the ablation to be unsuccessful - just a nuisance that the whole process isn't complete until after DCCV.

This happened last year and DCCV 5days later put me in NSR which held for 10 months. Am very hopeful will get back into once I have my DCCV I should be sorted.

HR today running anywhere from 120-170 been up to 225 for seconds but I feel ok, heart not pounding so much & mildly light headed.

Still waiting for my brekkie as husband had to go to get shopping (yes 2 days in hospital and run out of essentials - bread etc), my tablets from hospital pharmacy so should be home soon.

Will probably find out more tomorrow, but happy I am at home


Oh I'm so sorry you've had a really rough time of it, it really does pull you down as the symptoms of this make you feel awful I know, I hope you get better soon xx


Bev. What I would say is that my situation has improved since I had my ablation at the end of March (it was my first one).

IO was in persistent AF. Had ablation on 30 Mar but reverted back into persistent AF within 72 hours. However even though I am back in persistent AF I have had some relief from a number of different symptoms and problems - a few are I have hardly suffered from any diahorrea or stomach pains that I have had for a number of years. I am also less lethargic now than I was before the ablation. All of those things can't be a coincidence!!!

Good luck which ever way you decide.



At hospital for pre operative assessment today. INR's been fairly stable - 2.1 Friday, 2.6 Sat, 2.7 Monday.

Todays result of 3.6 quite a shock - been taking maintenance dose of alternating 2mg/2.5mg so been asked to take 2mg tonight and tomorrow night & turn up 8am Friday for possible cardioversion

Not stressful at all - arghhhh, Got to keep calm and have faith


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