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Just had 2nd ablation

Morning all, thought I would add my latest news and hopefully in the process answer some questions.

Had my 2nd Ablation on Friday at Blackpool Vic, my INR despite the warfarin was 1.6 when I went in Thursday so they gave me a nice stomach injection of something on Saturday morning sorry didn't catch what it was but it "thinned" my blood to keep the EP happy most painful needle I had while I was in.

I went down at 7:15 am got hooked up to the enterprise control deck, including shaving various stripes in my chest and then had a GA. I had an ablation previously and thrashed around with the TOE so this time he wanted me still. Came round at 11am ish they had done the TOE and then left the camera in while the ablation was done so they could keep checking, had "burnt" various dodgy paths and as that hadn't sorted my Flutter then did a Cardio Version which did the trick.

Felt terrible for the first hour, due to the GA and had to lie flat for 4 hours with a fem stop attached to stop the bleeding in my groin. This only took a couple of hours last time but I guess whatever they injected in me really "thinned" my blood.

I was released home Saturday afternoon, taken off the Warfarin and put back on Apixaban and stopped the digoxin. I have bruising around the entry point in my groin and am feeling tired and aching around the chest if I take deep breaths but other than that ok.

Unfortunately my EP has already told me he wasn't 100% happy with the ablation there was a path that he couldn't get at due to a ridge in my heart, he would have had to "go in from the top" rather than through the groin which is a more complex procedure with more risk and as he hadn't consented me for that prior didn't want to do it. Apparently he also called a colleague in to see if he had any thoughts on anything else he could do while I was under so I have visions of dozens of people gathered round my groin while I lay oblivious with my tongue hanging out, just like my stag do but that's a different story.

Anyway, I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the remaining dodgy path behaves itself and see how I get on, overall although not something you would want to do not a bad experience for a trip to the hospital.

Blackpool Vic and the staff were great, 2 complaints though 1 the coffee was terrible, 2 as the room was hot I had the window open so at sunrise I was awakened by an animals chorus from the zoo next door. So if you do go to the Vic drink the tea and make sure your windows are shut.

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Well done. Now rest plenty.

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Love your sense of humour. Hope you soon feel fighting fit.


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Congratulations, FyldeWhite. Sounds like you didn't have far to go. I'm a Blackpool Vicar (Vicker?) too, though I live 55 miles away. I had no complaints at all, although perhaps I wasn't on the zoo side. I found the routine INR thumb stab test was the most painful moment.


Hope you make a speedy recovery, I'm a blackpool bicker ☺ had mine done nearly three months ago by Dr Scott Gall he's a sweetheart.


That was meant to say blackpool vicker 😁


Wishing you well and hope that dodgy bit of your heart continues to behave too.

Take it nice and easy.



Loved your post and hope all goes well for you.

Did you ask for a GA or was it just offered.

I'm waiting for the date for my ablation and am really worried as I'm such a wriggler and would rather be asleep whilst it's done but have been told that I will only be sedated, scary.


Hi Nannadee, the EP discussed it with me as he remembered me fighting the TOE during my first ablation and said he would prefer me to have a GA. to be honest I remember little of the first one as the sedation is pretty thorough and the recovery from the GA is longer and I felt terrible for the first hour so it's probably 6 of 1. I know it's easy for me to say having had mine but it's only a few hours and it soon goes however you are sedated.


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